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  1. their support is good but why we need support if the servers are always up good for u, not facing issues with them probably u are using few servers, but the people I also know using them are also complaining about the downtime
  2. we have made the wrong choice few months back buying an account with hostnine, it is funny coz we never had a day without a downtime lol today is the worst in our records : 5 downtimes in less than 7 hours
  3. Class A vs Class B vs Class C for SEO Hosting

    This thread is still going on ? Go get different small sahred hostings and u are good to the camuflage, better than wasting time and money with block C IPs that u are not sure if they do work or not
  4. Which social sites helps you more ?

    I think all depends on your niche, for my niche, I find Facebook is the best source of traffic and sales
  5. 17 Untapped Backlink Sources

    very informative, great share, this get us out of the ordinary link building
  6. Would you enter this niche?

    I would good for adsense maybe, but for CPA I am not sure the conversion is high, u can try and keep us updated
  7. Do Follow vs No Follow Wiki's

    Am not fan of wikis as backlinks are not permanent, your competitor can just go and edit your post and backlink his site
  8. I also bought it to through it away after trying for 2 weeks. Dont go for it there are manu cooler tools arround
  9. Google Announces Drop in Profits

    Good for them, they hurted many people businesses who were working very hard. Now they making their rules So u feel yourself playing in a roulette
  10. I hope more countries will join the club
  11. I use MajesticSEO I think it is a good one as u can see both live and deleted links
  12. This is really true, but it also help your articles get more authority as they are considered by google as rich content, we have been using this method since a while and the results are really intersting
  13. Look out PayPal, there is a new kid in town...

    Of course, I know about it, just not available to worldwide users as paypal
  14. Look out PayPal, there is a new kid in town...

    Yes Paypal really suck and they don t know how to treat their customers. The day of an alternative will come for sure, am wondering if Google inc, is going to get involved in this business soon