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  1. It's a fake which doesn't show up as a fake on PR checkers. I've once bought a PR9 domain which was supposedly legit but was not Still cool to have had a PR9 in your inventory.
  2. Fear


    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear lamentation of their women.
  3. Fear

    Google the Movie Trailer

    Unfunny and pathetic. IMO Larry Page got jealous over The Social Network and wanted to copy it ( as google is used to do ).
  4. Hostgator sucks. Stay away from them. I haven't used worse hosting provider. Save yourself a trouble and move to other hosts.
  5. Negative SEO will be possible as long as it is possible to penalise your own domain with bad backlinking practices. Either Google removes penalties for off-site factors or negative seo stays with us . There's no way around that.
  6. It's not caused by people going off to vacation. You can see that the Alexa drop is shown in the "reach tab". That means, a share of total Internet traffic. If the Internet traffic goes down, the reach should remain the same.
  7. They've been doing this for at least 4 years now. It's mainly because of this that you can't easily reverse engineer their algo. You can backlink 50 domains using the same method and you would see 50 different outcomes. It's really a must for them. Otherwise, you could build a pretty spot-on model of their algorithms just by doing thousands of split-tests.
  8. They've been trying to change the dictionary meaning of SEO. Notice how all of them Googlers say that SEO is just writing good content, having a crawlable site and settting up proper titles. Everything more than that, they try to say it is spam or black hat SEO ( always comparing it to the same black hat side of things like hacking/carding etc. ) It's funny because real SEO is always, at least, grey hat. Search engines and "spammers"(like they call us) have completely opposite goals. Each successful ranking manipulation by a "spammer" is considered spam - because it shows weakness in their algos. So if you've built one link from a web 2.0 host, that's a spam. You can't do that - because you would be compared to those black hats who card people. You either limit your "SEO" to setting up internal links or you are a spammer. The truth is, 99% of black hat SEOs had a great website at one point. You for sure remember your first site - it was great, good for the user. And what happened? You had no traffic at all, some auto-generated spams were outranking you. Matter of fact, those websites probably still dwell on the bottom of the SERPs ( if you haven't built any backlinks ). That's why we've turned to black hat. If they can't really tell that our website is great, why bother building anything that is good for the user? If they could really judge the quality of the websites objectively, I am sure majority of black hat SEOs would turn in to full time content-writers. The truth is that doesn't work and wont work in the coming years. Until it will be the opposite, we are forced to spam links - because it is the only thing that works. Regardless of what Mr Cutts says.
  9. People are habituated to use Google - their service isn't really that great. People use it because their habit tells them to do so. If you place Bing's results in Google's results template ( branded and shown as Google's results ) people rate them better than Google's own results. But if you ask someone how do they rate Bing's results quality, they will say they suck even though they are way better. For majority of Internet users, searching = googling. They can show crappy results but people will still use them.
  10. I've never seen such a rapid dance(7-8 different versions of the index shown) so you may be onto something.
  11. Fear

    What to do with deindexed blogs

    I've parked 1500 of my banned domains at bodis. It's the only thing I could see worhtwhile pursuing. Over the year, you will recover a fraction of the domains registration cost. At the same time, you don't need to pay for hosting. Always something.
  12. It's the next Panda update. The rankings looked crazy for the whole day. I've seen my website jump from page 8 to place 9 page 1, then page 3 then page 5, then place 13th then once 3rd, 1st page. Sometimes it wasn't even in top100. Puzzling, to say the least.
  13. What do you use for wordpress hardening?
  14. I have over 2000 domains with wordpress scattered on many different hosting accounts. Trust me, you don't want to clean your wordpress installations 3 times each week because some wannabe indonesian script-kiddie wips out your public_html directories or defaces the index. It is better to use standard templates and up to date wordpress version so you don't need to waste time on clearing after script kiddies.