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  1. Why not just catch something generic and silly (a picture) and stick it on your fanpage and "boost" the post? Or write some clever copy in an ad and get likes? If you're going to pay for likes - may as well get real ones through their ad platform. You see what goes viral and re-shared on FB - sappy stuff, stuff about babies, outrageous videos etc.. Check out the site upworthy - that's the kind of content you want to boost.
  2. terry's parasite system

    I think it depends on the offer and what niche sites you have available. I tend to do press releases or YouTube videos and do the pre-sell there so I can then link straight to the offer. BTW - curious about what people's results are with this ? I've been using GSA SER and some techniques I'm pretty sure would give my website a slap but it seems like the authority of PRWeb, YouTube etc. stop that from happening. I've had these "parasite" pages ranked for months while some of my niche sites have gotten warnings about unnatural link warnings - these have been a-ok. When they drop in rankings - spammy links push the parasite pages back up. It seems like Terry's strategy is to use high PR links - not sure why, the tool based spam approach is probably cheaper.
  3. I've used pretty much this exact method and it's worked really well for me. I do however have tiers which makes it slower to rank in my experience. The entire link building campaign is 100% GSA & Kontent Machine. I pay for shared proxies on buyproxies.org. If you want to see really fast results then use this method against a YouTube video or PRWeb press release. I don't view it as a long term method but it works and it's $$ in the bank. -Vikram
  4. Come on man - don't play us like that ;-) Who was the provider? Can you PM it if it helps you sleep better at night :-) :-) I tried twitterbacklinks.com - and was on the fence with them. The interface just threw me for a loop.
  5. Interesting Test Using Press Release

    Press releases can work really well if what you have is worthy of being announced and marketed. But I use them largely for SEO purposes & I've found that both Joe Hughes & PR Monkey do a great job for SEO value. If you have a new product to announce and something interesting then you can use the PR to generate real traffic and get real leads. But that's not what I'm doing :-) Press Release -> Social Signals -> High PR Backlinks ='s Page 1 I believe Terry has a similar system he mentioned in a Sunday SEO. But it was: Press Release -> SE Slingshot -> High PR Backlinks ='s Page 1
  6. SEOmoz now Moz - What do you guys think?

    I like it - and a good lesson for all. There's more to internet marketing than SEO.
  7. Berman Hosting (google it). Works well for me and was one of the more inexpensive solutions.
  8. Yes - I can attest to twitter and social signals. Especially twitter. Keep in mind no-follow links are not passing pagerank but that doesn't mean that no-follow social signals still don't impact the "social authority" of a site. Google has different signals to look at. Yahoo Answers (also no-follow) is considered a social signal too and it's helped with rankings in my testing. I think the retweets probably made google think Matt's site is relevant/trending and needed to be up in the SERPs for a while.
  9. Penguin 2.0

    I think it's already happening. Was working with a friend who had 2 of his sites hammered. Both of them had a penalty applied to the domain and all his rankings dropped 50 or 100 spots in the SERPs. It was on May 15th. So I went through what he had done differently on those sites and on two of his link building campaigns he had GSA SER set to build 'exploit' links at his money site. That lines up with Matt's video about them being more aggressive about hacked link placements. Checking the 'exploit' option was obviously an oversight on his part. Might try the disavow link tool to see if it that can help him recover.
  10. Cool I figured as much - but wanted to hear it from others :-) Did it damage your original ranking in anyway?
  11. I noticed 2 of my sites completely fell out of the top 100. I then check the top 500 and see that nothing is ranking anymore on these sites. Bad news! I figured I had a clean link profile, varied anchor text and all those other good things so I was pretty shocked. I then realized that somehow on both these sites the SEO plugin setting for 'noindex' was set. It was applied to all posts/pages so I've gone back in and undone that. Not sure how it got set and why just these two sites but I was making changes last week. Crazy thing was I noticed this 4 days ago, fixed it 3 days ago. I've gone into Webmaster tools and had Google "fetch" the sitemap.xml again to get the pages re-indexed and have run some campaigns against my T1 sites to see if I can speed up the return to Page1. Anyone been through this before? Ideas on how long it will take? I once had a website crash and fall out the SERP - it was back into it's #1 spot within a few hours of being brought back online. This is a bit different in that I was mistakingly instructing the search engines to not index my pages. Doh!
  12. MozCast Weather Update

    Only minor fluctations. One page that was doing the "google dance" just popped up out of nowhere to #12.
  13. @Mike - where is a good place to buy views that won't get you in trouble with YouTube? Most of the threads I've seen pop up on the WF start off with "OMG! This is great! Got 5000 views!!!!!" and then 5 pages later "OMG! My account is banned!!!". This is why I just stick with just GSA and a tiered link building campaign. SEO rankings give me natural views which boost me up in my overall YouTube ranking. And yeah, videos on YouTube aren't always magical for conversion. I always tell whomever is making the video to state "And see below - for the link to get XYZ ". They need an obvious and strong call to action.
  14. On Linux systems the command 'wget -R' will download your site and it will just download it as .html to your hard drive. Command is available from the command line on a Mac also. There are also dozens of website downloader programs that should do the same. All those server side languages - php/asp just dynamically generate HTML for our web browser to interpret. But Active Server Pages aren't necessarily anti-SEO but are going to make it a bit harder to manage your on-page SEO. Plus you have stuff coded in .ASP so simply using a download converter isn't going to work unless for some strange reason your technicians used dynamic scripting to generate static content :-)
  15. Would you enter this niche?

    King, Why do you even hesitate? 28,000 exact match searches with no relevant results? Just write some informative posts about the topic, get them published to a new domain and link to the Amazon book and run some adsense on the page. If there is no competition then ranking will be easy. I have #1 for a KW that is 18,000 global exact match - no ebooks, no amazon products so I just run adsense on that page. It's nice, easy money.