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  1. I recently had 2 sites lose all of these rankings in the last week or so. I went through all of the algo changes last March with Panda/Penguin and totally changed my techniques and methods. Both of these sites used my own private network(unique content. no de-indexing issues) Both sites used seo maximus for a period of time(not really using them anymore) One of the sites was ranking for over 20 different terms on page 1. The other site was only ranking for about 3-4 terms. The only thing I can think of is anchor text variation I am using isn't strong enough. For example if I am trying to rank for 5 money keywords which is usually what I am doing then how much should I vary the raw urls, click heres, website, etc. I am doing like a 50/50 ratio at the moment. Meaning for every keyword link I build I create another link with no keywords or raw url. Remember for the most part my links are created with unique content so I figured this was good enough,
  2. Is there a tool out there that will show rankings in Google places? I have a client that only ranks in places and I am tired of manually creating reports.
  3. rocketguy

    Free Rank Tracker (From the SGW guys)

    Does your software show rankings for google places/maps?
  4. I have both a spun network and a unique content network. They are personally owned by me and I am the only one using them. The networks are similar in size and pr.
  5. That is interesting because I have always used spun content for my backlinks except for BMR back in the day.
  6. What I am noticing is that unique content backlinks help a lot more than spun content backlinks. I have a network with spun content and one with unique content and the unique content network has a lot more power when I submit articles. I also noticed that yahoo and bing don't matter as much when using spun content. For some reason Google is able to give a lot more power to a link that is coming from unique content. Has anyone else noticed this trend?
  7. I have some domains that have really high domain and page authority, but I never really tracked it until now. I was wondering how often these numbers are updated? Also how long does it typically take to improve from zero to 40?
  8. I know we can'T say exactly how many domains are in this network, but would you say there are more or less domains then the other network starting with the letter F and ending in L.
  9. I am getting more and more domains for my private network. My biggest question is the ranking power of page rank 5 domains without backlinks or very little backlinks. I am only buying the page rank 5 domains, but was just wondering if it would be better to just buy page rank 2 domains with a lot of powerful backlinks or that have high DA/PA. I know page rank is important, but how much juice do these PR5 domains/no backlinks really have.
  10. What is the best posting tool for your own private network. I am considering using spun content and I heard there are some pretty good tools out there for posting to your own wordpress sites.
  11. rocketguy

    Spun Content and Private Networks

    It is such a hard decision because spun content is so much quicker, easier and cheaper.
  12. Guys, I have my own private network and currently I am using unique content. It is a slow and expensive process. I am getting decent results, but I really need more volume I think to get the best results. I am considering building a spun content network like the old days and was wondering if it still works or if I am wasting my time and will get my money sites and network sites zapped by Google. What are the thoughts on spending a decent amount of money to create a spun blog network?
  13. rocketguy

    Just A Random Rant

    Initial Effort, I have a quick question. Instead of using an aged domain for your money site can you accomplish the same results by using an aged domain to 301 to your new keyword domain?
  14. I have spent a lot of time and money creating my own private network and I really want to get the most out of each piece of unique content I create. I wanted to use xrumer to create profiles to each post/page on my private network. Would this be considered safe or would the private network potentially get nuked? Let me know what you guys think. I really don't want to have to create another layer of links so I can blast with xrumer, but I certainly don't want to get my private network de-indexed.