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  1. chimichanga2018

    What Is High Quality Backlink?

    I consider a backlink to be of the highest quality if it is very relevant to my website, it comes from a trusted and authoritative site, it has lots of inbound links and it receives a meaningful amount of traffic. That's the kind of backlinks I chase for my sites
  2. I will send you a PM with my samples, so you can check them out and let me know what you think, thanks!
  3. chimichanga2018

    Where to buy high quality backlinks in 2018?

    The easiest way is to make a list of webmasters and bloggers in your niche, so you can reach out to them and ask for a placement. Of course, in most cases, they will want a bit of $, but the link you will get (provided you have analyzed their website and page properly with tools like Majestic + Ahrefs), will bring you plenty of power and authority, especially if they have tons of relevant inbound links and traffic.
  4. You need to group them correctly and see what pages can target more than only one keyword, in case they are very closely related. That way you will save money and efforts, and also, make it easier for Google to rank your website and avoid keyword cannibalization.
  5. chimichanga2018

    What are the best tools for checking backlinks?

    I have found that Ahrefs is the best tool to do so. Majestic is better for finding irrelevant backlinks, so if you want a more complete analysis, then you can combine it with Ahrefs. That has been my experience over and over again, that is why I mostly rely on Ahrefs nowadays.
  6. chimichanga2018

    DA, PA, CF, TF, TF/CF - What's Best?

    Useless, all of them, because Google doesn't use them for determining if your website is worthy of ranking or not. Work on increasing your value by getting backlinks from websites and blogs relevant to your location (Local SEO) or niche, in case you are working in a global level (think of e-commerce or similar biz). And of course, your content needs to rock!
  7. Don't care about outdated metrics, only focus on boosting your authority in the eyes of Google. Get backlinks from locally or niche relevant websites that receive traffic, promote your website online through social media channels, write kick-ass content, engage with your users, make sure that they love your site and stay long enough to send a positive signal to the SERPs. That's how you boost your authority.