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  1. Do not bother with ZP3 now. ZP3 and ZP4 are fundamentally different and ZP4 is much more user friendly, so no point in learning ZP3. Also, just watch all the videos from this user If you have programming experience, it should not take you more than a few days to master ZP4.
  2. I have just purchased the same. Will be going through the same and will write a review in a few days post implementing the same.
  3. Twitter Sues Spammers

    What twitter has done is - opened doors for private software creators to get in the market. Now there will be so many softwares that it will be impossible for twitter to combat it. e.g. Twitter can be completely automated with the help of ubot and zennoposter. Infact there is a bot selling for around $500 developed on ubot for twitter spam. Even if they win ( i doubt that - then all the companies creating tools can be sued - e.g. Interspire can be sued for helping people do email SPAM - spam recognised by law or even microsoft - for creating windows which allows people to develop viruses or Adobe - for providing platform to develops to create spamming tools ), they can not stop it. Tools just provide automation. They can not stop automation.
  4. Successful Negative SEO Case Study

    Awesome job negativeseo for pointing this out. The truth is - Google is a company which sells advertisements. There are only two ways it can keep grwoing. 1) Expand the market - it is happenning but at a slower rate and its difficult to sell ads on mobile which is where the growth is. 2) Increase prices of your product - which is what is happenning. What Google is trying to do is make SEO irrelevant. No matter what you do, the organic rankings are going to be in a state of flux. There will continue to be huge variations and eventually SEO will become ROI negative for enough people. These people will be then forced to buy traffic on google which will drive CPC costs up. In the end, Google wins. There is only one way this thing can stop. People start using Bing or Blekko or any other credible search engine. I hope Facebook launches a credible search engine.
  5. Ask anyone you know with an account to send you an invite. Should get the invite within a minute.
  6. Beware of new way of PageRank fraud

    This is something we need to be wary of and what these indonesian guys have done is amazing. If you check the cached version of this site gtopdirs.com, the cached version is of this site and the PR is still valid. Still trying to figure this out.