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  1. Is Adding Business to Wikipedia Reasonable Request?

    No, it's too hard, from what I have experienced
  2. I think the best is contact direct to the developer to ask for a free license. But this method may work if the tool/software was created by only one person, but for a team/company, I think it's hard btw ....
  3. Can you explain a bit more details e.g. does it a wordpress site? The idea is using cache will improve loading time a lot, wordpress also have a lot plug in help you do that. If your site has a lot pictures, your may need to reduce picture size, e.g. change png/bmp pictures to jpg format, resize to smaller size....
  4. Which web hosting service you use ?

    I'm using Godaddy for my domain, Linode for my host (VPS), they're so cheap and work great for around 1 year now.