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  1. Yes, your fan page or post.... look nice! Except that, nothing. They won't buy your service.
  2. doankimchi2006

    Is HTTPS better than HTTP?

    I heard that too, lol So that why I redirect by http site to https site.
  3. You can join FB groups and post ads for your products, you can get some customers from their.
  4. doankimchi2006

    Is Adding Business to Wikipedia Reasonable Request?

    No, it's too hard, from what I have experienced
  5. I think the best is contact direct to the developer to ask for a free license. But this method may work if the tool/software was created by only one person, but for a team/company, I think it's hard btw ....
  6. Can you explain a bit more details e.g. does it a wordpress site? The idea is using cache will improve loading time a lot, wordpress also have a lot plug in help you do that. If your site has a lot pictures, your may need to reduce picture size, e.g. change png/bmp pictures to jpg format, resize to smaller size....
  7. doankimchi2006

    Which web hosting service you use ?

    I'm using Godaddy for my domain, Linode for my host (VPS), they're so cheap and work great for around 1 year now.