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  1. guys can anyone tell me how to do the competitor analysis while doing SEO?
  2. differentially post those keywords while doing backlinks. Embed those keywords while doing SEO activities.
  3. generate backlinks and blast your content on different channels. your google rank will increase
  4. domain authority is primarily important as it considers whole of your domain but not only the page.. To increase your DA, make sure that you should give more backlinks on different websites
  5. poocho

    Can we use links in our article content?

    you can use links on the keywords used in the articles but there is a limitation that you can use 1 keyword for 400 words, 2 for 800 and so on...and it is important that it should be related to your content..it should not be promotional in nature...
  6. To increase citation there are many activities you can do like you can post blogs with backlinks, do forums rejistrations and posting , business directory listing and rejistration, social book marking.
  7. poocho

    Wordpress posting

    if you are looking for a platform that can manage your social media accounts, blog posting, you can try hootsuit, it is a free platform anyone can use to manage the posting thing.
  8. there are many ways to optimize your social media , first you must analyse that at what time your audience is more likely to be active and at that time start posting your content, use hashtags, images, videos to engage your audience along with that you must ensure that your blog content is easily shareable by your audience and your blog must be interactive and descriptive.
  9. poocho

    Managing social media accounts

    Hootsuit is one of the platform where you can manage your social media platforms. it is really efficient and userfriendly.
  10. there is no sense in buying followers view and likes as the reach of the people remains the same because the likes and followers you buy are from fake accounts so you are getting nothing.
  11. you can make banners or creatives and post it in various several groups so that your store reaches to the maximum of the people and thus it will make conversions as well.