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  1. Nikola Roza

    Is HTTPS better than HTTP?

    To be honest, no. Since you won't be taking sensitive credit card info- you don't need SSL. However,Google is pushing for the entire web to abandon http, so eventually you'll have to switch- do it sooner rather than later. Hope this helps:)
  2. Long tail keywords are more valuable. Why? Because: You can rank for them; And you can't rank for head keywords You'll get more targeted traffic, people who know what they want. My advice: When your site is new, target longer phrases, but as it matures, after several years of marketing, you can move to medium tail, which are much more profitable (because people are close to buying, and there's much more of them) However, You'll probably never be able to compete for head keywords. So don't waste your time trying.
  3. Nikola Roza

    Is HTTPS better than HTTP?

    Yes, https is better than http. It's all about the security now. Google wants the web to be more secure so they are pushing for secure connections. They even publicly said that https is a small ranking factor. Now: Why did they say it when we know they're very secretive about their algo? Because they want people to switch and they're speeding things up. They know that professional SEO's use every chance they have to come on top; Especially when not doing something means falling behind. No, we won't allow it!
  4. Nikola Roza

    Can we use links in our article content?

    Yes, you can, and you should. There are two types of links: internal and external. Internal links point to pages on your site. External links point to pages outside of your site. Quick tips: Link using descriptive anchor text (where are you sending people) Avoid exact match anchor text (even for internal links) Link to trustworthy sources, Wikipedia, New York Times Don't have too many links. There isn't any penalty for having 20 links in a 300-word article; But such an article would be unreadable and then- what was the point in writing it?
  5. Nikola Roza

    Is really pdf helps in SEO strategy

    You can convert some of your blog posts into pdf's and then submit them to pdf directories. This is only for traffic and branding because those pdf's will be duplicate content of the pages they come from, so they'll be filtered out of Google SERPs. If you want to really use pdf like a boss, then create something original and then upload it to, let's say, 10 decent directories. Now that pdf will get decent authority. Here's a cool hack: You can do a 301 redirect of that pdf to some other relevant (important) page on your site. That will release all the link equity and funnel into your site where it will spread through internal links. So your pdf will disappear because of 301, but your links will remain. But the page you point 301 redirect to has to be super relevant or it will not work.
  6. A single toxic link will not hurt you. Google knows that you can't control who links to you. What is more important is that you go about and build good links. Good links are those that are: Relevant Come from a trusted domain Have keywords as anchor (but only partial match, and not exact match) that point to either your homepage or to a specific page deeper into the site (it's good to have both) Relevancy is crucial for you. And Domain authority and Page authority are factors you you shouldn't focus on. If a link is from related site, take it. Over time, you will build a healthy link profile so that a few toxic links won't make you budge, never. I hope this helps, cheers!