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  1. Contact via pm if you are still in need of guest posting placement
  2. The database idea is a good one but make sure you back the whole database up just in case something breaks. If you just do a search and replace in the content nothing should break but better safe than sorry.
  3. One thing to make sure you keep in mind when talking about technical seo or really anything is the law of diminishing returns. Always pick the one thing that is going to get you the most results for the time and money you are spending. It is really easy to fall down the hole of making sure that every i is dotted and t is crossed even when those last few ones are not going to make a measurable difference.
  4. Even on ecommerce sites where mobile has lagged a bit are now getting more traffic from mobile. That might however be caused by the fact that more ecommerce sites are becoming mobile friendly. https://mobilemarketingwatch.com/cta-smartphones-used-device-shop-black-friday-week-74031/ mobile 41% desktop 38% laptops 24% Keep in mind when you normally look at usage percentages laptops and desktops are counted together in the desktop statistics. I would bet that mobile is up over 50% next year.
  5. Max Adam

    Advice on ranking behavior

    No problem let us know how it shakes out.
  6. I agree. Not sure how long it has been around but I wish I had heard of it earlier.
  7. Max Adam

    Advice on ranking behavior

    You targeted/related percentages seem high to me. A lot more than I have been using recently anyway. These are the percentages that have been working for me. <10% targeted and related that include the targeted keyword. up to 25% related but not including the target keyword. Think thesauruses type words that mean the same thing or words that are closely related to your keyword. I only go to 25% if I can find a lot of them, if I can only find a few then this may be only 10%. The rest bare links or completely unrelated such as click here etc. You do want most of these coming from pages related to your keyword. So bare links or click here from a page about blue widgets are going to do the job just fine the anchor text is not really needed. If a page about blue widgets links to another page about blue widgets the algorithm understands that the link is about blue widgets even if there is no blue widget anchor text.
  8. Max Adam

    Gmail sending GetResponse to spam folder

    I have to agree this is a very good idea.
  9. The feedback on the site is great you can never have too much information on how your visitors are interacting with your site.
  10. Interesting I would think that the customers would have a preference. I can see rotating them more in the beginning so none of the sites are empty.
  11. That makes sense, if they do a bunch of work getting them made they have more invested and are more likely to make sure to do what is needed.
  12. Do you help them with the videos or is that something that they have to do themselves?
  13. So just the one url on the company site that lets you send the customers to whatever site you want them to go to. Does this mean you do not give them a choice of the site and just forward them automatically or can then reach all of the sites from that one url and pick the one they want?
  14. Unfortunately not just Australia, here in the US I have talked with a lot of small businesses that have been screwed over by bad seo firms. Most small business owners have no idea how seo or the internet works, it might as well be magic to them. To be honest though web design and seo are 2 completely different skill sets so a web designer not knowing a lot about seo is not that unusual. However when a client tells them they want to build a new site on a new domain or any major change to a site they should know enough to tell the client they need to get a seo person or company involved.
  15. Do most of you with local clients have them use YouTube? And if so is it a good traffic driver?