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  1. Personally I would not spin any content if you are looking for quality for say your website (money site) etc. There are some great tools out there that can spin and make the content readable, however, Google is becoming great at detecting spun content and when it does, then rest assured you are not going to rank for it. I guess it depends shat you want to use the spun content for?
  2. Ideally this is about developing relationships, meaning it is unlikely you will find a great writer on the first go. It must be realised that you need to help the writer understand what you are looking for. So you need to write up a document with writer's instructions (help them help you). You will need to test a few writers out to get a feel as to whether they are right for you and this means paying a few for their time and then letting them go if they are not right for you... in time you will have a handful of writers at your disposal... a great feeling to have. If you are ranking for Google, just make sure you get them to add on-page elements that Google likes. For eg: 1) H1 header that includes the Keyword 2) Including several sub-headers (h2, h3 etc that include words related to your target keywords) 3) Include table of contents 4) Include images with file names similar to keywords 5) Include LSI, related words to the keyword you are trying to target, so if you want to target the phrase "best dog walking service", you will want to include related words such as dog, walking, sneakers, park, leash, business, canine, exercise, mans best friend etc. As for places you can look who write, you can check places like www.fiverr.com www.upwork.com www.peopleperhour.com
  3. apmdesigns

    Deindexed PBN Sites

    If the PBNs have been dexindex by Google it is more than likely that Google has discovered they are PBNs and want them gone (google does not like them). It is also worth noting that getting links from PBNs that have been penalised will more than likely result in your site getting hit in one way or an other. I have experienced first hand how sites getting links from PBNs have tanked. That is not to say that all PBNs do not work, because the idea is to make the PBN as really to an actual site as possible so that it even passed manual Google reviews, but link building or redirecting in the way you are saying can be dangerous (especially as it has been de-indexed). Ultimately it is your choice, but I would not risk it!
  4. Actually, though this is not going to give you all the queries for mobile search you can actually get some good ones from Search Console (Webmaster Tools). Google is getting far better at presenting data and as you are probably trying to rank on Google, then best use the data it is providing. Do the following: 1) Open Search Console 2) Check "Queries" 3) Under "Devices" use the drop menu and select "Mobile" 4) Analyse the keywords / queries that show
  5. ubersuggest.org is probably the best free one out there. It gives many related suggestions, many of which are long tail
  6. It really depends on your proficiency in SEO. I would start with Ahrefs (if you can afford), you can: 1) Track your backlinks 2) Track your competitors backlinks (get ideas where they get their links from) 3) Track which pages of your website are ranking for which Keywords 4) It determines Keyword difficulty against how much potential traffic you can get for that keyword per month. and plenty more. I would also start with ScreamingFrog for technical SEO. It is free for up to 500 URL crawls (normally enough for most sites), you can: 1) Detect broken links 2) Detect 301 redirects 3) Calculate images that are over 100mb (need to compress) 4) See if you are using H1, H2s, H3s headers 5) See word count for each page 6) See if you are missing title tags and meta descriptions 7) Detect duplicate content and more
  7. apmdesigns

    Do Follow vs No Follow

    Don't believe you can actually compare it like that as there are many factors that can determine how "good" a link is. But let's just look at things like-for-like. Do Follow = Passes Link Juice (meaning if you get a link from a site, the juice will pass onto your site) No Follow = No Link Juice passed (your site will not gain juice or authority). Here is the thing though. Imagine you get a Do Follow link from a site that is completely unrelated to your site, has no traffic and is TOXIC.... what is going to happen? You may get penalized. On the other hand, image you have a No Follow link from a site and that page has HUGE amounts of traffic. If 30% of that traffic clicks the link and go to your site (AKA referral link - which Google monitors), then that is far more beneficial than getting a Do Follow backlink from a mediocre site. So there are too many factors to make it a black and white debate..... essentially, high volumes of traffic + backlink = GOOD
  8. apmdesigns

    Get Backlinks from Foreign Wikipedia

    That is interesting. It is also possible to get a link from one site (in one language) pointing to an other site (in an other language). As long as the information is relevant (even though in two languages) then it should be OK. Just as Google is getting better at understanding English, it is also getting better at understanding other languages and understand the relevance between the two pages despite being in different languages.
  9. apmdesigns

    What are the best tools for checking backlinks?

    I think most SEOs would say that Ahrefs and SEMRush are one of the best tools out there. However, like everything good, these tools do cost quite a bit (subscription). Having said that one tool that is free and not too bad (though it has ads everywhere and it not the prettiest) is backlinkwatch.com
  10. Although removing the links from the site will break that link, it is likely that your rankings would not return to where they were before. This is because Google will wonder why the link was removed and has not option but to deduce the link was either bad or manufactured. It is about percentages, so the best thing you can do is build more quality links so that the percentage of toxic links are reduced. Remember that many successful sites are hit but competitors building bad backlinks to try and bring them down, but because they have such high authority and traffic, Google simply ignores those bad links. Keep building good / quality links to your site and make sure you point those links to different pages... not just the homepage. ​Good luck
  11. If you are worried that a competitor doing PPC campaign will help their organic rankings, then the likely answer is NO. They are essentially two different entities that word independently from each other. It would not exactly be fair is someone works hard at making their site brilliant for users and is outranked because someone splashes some money out?... if that was the case, in essence that means Google organic research would technically be a Paid Ads I think you are safe!
  12. If you are asking how do these guys get their backlinks, then it is likely they have developed relationships throughout their careers. What you can do. 1) You can go to places like fiverr and you will find writers who have guest accounts to blogs with high authority. You can pay them to write articles on those blogs and link back to your site. 2) You can try and find blogs that accept guest posts. For example if your site is on technology, you can search on Google "tech blogs "write for us". You will notice the results will show some blogs that accept people to write for them and in return you can add a link to your site or your client sites... please note, usually you are expected to write some decent content and your link has to point to some decent sites. The final thing I would say is that if you want to point quality links to your site, you need to make sure the place you are adding the links is: a) Related to your niche (relevance) Has decent traffic (if the site only has like 1-2 visitors a day, then the link will probably not do much to power your site)
  13. apmdesigns

    What Is High Quality Backlink?

    I do not think there is a definitive answer to that question, but my opinion of a quality back link is as follows: 1) A link from a site that is related or semi related to your site (relevance in Google's eyes) 2) A link from a site that has decent traffic (the more the better - can be checked using tools such as Ahrefs). If you get a link from a site that only gets 1-2 users a month, Google is not going to see that as a quality site / link. 3) A link from a site that has high authority. You can use tools like Moz, Ahrefs and SEMRush that give you their estimate of authority. However, do not rely solely on this metrics because sites can be manipulated to look authoritative when they in fact aren't.... hence why you need to go through point 2), see if the site has traffic.
  14. apmdesigns

    DA, PA, CF, TF, TF/CF - What's Best?

    Hey there, Although TF, CF (Majestic), DR, UR (Ahrefs) and other rating factors is a good indicator for a site's authority, I would not rely solely on this method, because it can easily be manipulated using software to make those websites look more authoritative than they actually are. The 3 things you should look at are a combination of the following. 1) A site's authority, so its TR or UR 2) Make sure the site is in the same niche or similar niche (so when you get the link, Google will see relevance) 3) Make sure the site is getting traffic. The more traffic the site has, the more Google will notice. Getting a backlink from a site that has traffic is far more beneficial than one without traffic (you can use tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush to estimate the traffic a site is getting) Good luck