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  1. I've never really had the time or ability to do justice to Giveaway.co.uk, and recently decided to auction it on Flippa. Hopefully someone will do a better job with it! Steve
  2. I'm a comparative novice compared to most of the members here but I've been thinking exactly the same. If a bulk of high PR backlinks disappear then you'd expect a drop in SERPS but I'd always assumed that offsite SEO shouldn't lead to a penalty, otherwise you'd just target your rivals and knock them out of the game.
  3. The road may still be there but Google has stolen my TomTom/Garmin and I don't know which direction I'm supposed to be going
  4. Bagless

    Redirection Post Panda

    Thanks for the expanation, I have to admit that I'd assumed the 301 would be sufficient on its own. Rankings on the site that received the benefit of the 301 have rocketted. I'm not counting any chickens, time will tell if that is just a temporary jump.
  5. Bagless

    Redirection Post Panda

    Thanks for the input guys, an interesting range of opinions there. @Nanexo, can you expand on your comment about robots.txt and webmaster tools? What are you suggesting is needed?
  6. My main domain got stamped on by the first Panda update and almost nine months later I've finally given up all hope of retrieving any of the profitable SERPs. I'd be interested to hear what people think about the pros and cons of redirecting the domain via permanent 301 to either 1) an established PR4 domain with relevant unique content or 2) a new domain that is keyword relevant but has no content and isn't indexed. One of my main concerns is that whatever issues I had with Panda may follow the redirect, albeit that the content on either of the new domains will be entirely different (the "dead" domain was littered with affiliate guff and links). All advise greatly welcomed and appreciated! Thanks. Steve
  7. After weeks of getting 404 errors on Backlinks Forum, I finally stumbled here after a bit of searching. Looks like the place to be! Cheers, Steve