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    How does an autoclave work?

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  1. chasingpatients

    Does Prweb and Prnewswire hold any SEO value?

    Thank you!
  2. I am looking to buy a midmark m11


    Midmark M11

    Midmark M11.jpg

  3. chasingpatients

    Is HTTPS better than HTTP?

    anybody lol
  4. chasingpatients

    Does Prweb and Prnewswire hold any SEO value?

  5. chasingpatients

    Is HTTPS better than HTTP?

    I heard Google favors sites with https:// vs http:// Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?
  6. chasingpatients

    Does Prweb and Prnewswire hold any SEO value?

    Anyone know?
  7. chasingpatients

    Top Ranking Factors

    The Top 10 Most Important Factors User & Mobile Friendly Website. Relevant Keywords to Your Business / Niche. On Page SEO like Title Tag, H1s, Meta Description, Alt tags etc. White Hat Guest Posting on Sites/Blogs with High Domain Authority. White Hat Back Linking to sites that allow you to publish content or back links on their website. Keep your website updated constantly with fresh content. Blogs of Value 700+ Words Each. Videos (How To's and research based rank best.) Infographics (Add your website link on it.) ONLY PRACTICE WHITE HAT SEO!
  8. Hey I am looking to build my back link profile. Does Prweb and Prnewswire hold any SEO value? I have seen many mixed reviews on the web. Does anyone here have real life experience that could comment on this question? Thank you
  9. chasingpatients

    What are the best tools for checking backlinks?

    Agreed, Does anyone have any free tools of value to recommend?
  10. chasingpatients

    Back Link Exchange Here

    Hello, Anyone looking to exchange back links through guest post posts? It is white hat practice if the back link exchange are relevant to one another. If you have a blog or site you can offer back linking please let us know here
  11. I have tried many different strategies for e-mail marketing. Only 1 out of 100 of my emails I blast out, convert into a sale and I have well over 1,000 email subscribers. Take in mind, I have tried many online strategies. From focusing on subject lines, personalized emails, seasonal, you name it. Does anyone have their own unique personal success they can speak about? Thank you
  12. chasingpatients

    What is XML Sitemap?

    XML sitemaps helps your SEO because it makes it easier for Google to understand your website. As Google does crawl the internet for all websites.
  13. chasingpatients

    What are the best tools for checking backlinks?

    There is no true best one in my experience because many different programs will give you different results. So its best to have a couple of programs for checking backlinks to your site. A free and essential one is Google Web Master Tools, in the search console you can click "Links to your site" to view a variety. If I had to decide one paid back link program, I would go with Ahrefs as it can really help your ranking if you know what your doing SEO wise. The one con with Ahrefs is they don't pick up everything especially if your website has a low domain rating. If you have the money I would recommend Ahrefs, SemRush & Moz Pro.