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  1. This is very good list and some of the I have tested and found good. thank for share the list.Cheers
  2. Mitch

    How to stay on top of ranking?

    Well! I guess you already at top of the ranking and now you want to stay! So what to do? Just follow bellow steps: Keep updating content Keep earning links from high quality site Stay at the top for long long time. Hope you got it!
  3. I like social media traffic. if you can utilize this media you can bring huge traffic. To me quora.com also one of the best source of traffic as well. Google paid traffic also important for us to that. Some steps that I follow to bring traffic in below: Build fan page Build social audience Try to rank keywords participate in Q & A community. Also you outsource different service like SEO, Social media etc.Thank you
  4. WordAI is good and it perform very well. But None of these can make decent content. One time these will not work surely and you will lose rank in google. Google doing hard work to stop this work, they are very strong against that. For best quality content you have to write manually. Thank you
  5. This is a very good guide. I am facing problem to get followers. can you share some tricks about that? Thanks
  6. Mitch

    What Is High Quality Backlink?

    well! there are debate on that like: some people think anything relevant is a good quality link. But what is the real fact.lets have few words: High quality links are look like below: Relevant Good traffic Natural anchor text High, DA If you find these in a wensite and you would able to get links from there is called high quality links. No doubt about it. Thanks
  7. very useful tips. I think we dont need to do a lot of works to take search engine eye. just we can submit site on webmaster or use the add url that it. Thanks
  8. Great tips. I love most # 1 tips as well as Try to avoid using the same words great tis. . those who able to avid using same words, they are vert good writer I feel. Thanks for useful tips.
  9. Great content. I am searching some tips on local seo and that is perfect for me.Thank for share
  10. I am working in seo for a while and When I starting to do that I made lot of mistake in different task. I do enjoy most keyword research job. Thanks