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  1. Are these kinds of links worth going after? How much are they going to help you rank?
  2. I agree very much worth reading if you are trying to rank your videos on youtube.
  3. So true on the narrow emd keywords they are not really a good choice any longer. Thanks for the replies and help
  4. Good point the iinfo is out there but a larger number of site owners do not know that it is or are not taking advantage of the info. The same is true for seo information as well.
  5. Nice post somewhat surprised that it has not received more traffic. Just having all the social media images sizes makes it worth bookmarking for future use.
  6. OK How far off from your main keywords is a good idea when looking for new ones to target?
  7. Well that is a bit different from just having too much content. You can just make sure that you target your different pages to different keywords.
  8. How can you have 'too much content'? I find it hard to see how that is possible.
  9. I like this makes it so much easier to find all the threads on a particular subject.
  10. Roy Norton

    Do You Use Single or Double opt-in?

    Which would mean that there really is not any downside to going with a double? If that is the case then double is a good choice.
  11. Not exactly the response I was expecting but I do see the logic of what you guys are suggesting I do. Going to have to think about this a bit.
  12. If I am going to buy a couple of SEO tools which ones should I start with?
  13. What link building software do you run that you need to have a vps?