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  1. Influencer marketing is not that easy bcoz many influencers are already busy with their work and don't have time to listen from normal people. Though I think if we can give them of real value then we can expect to get a reply from them.
  2. Hey thanks for sharing the article it is really good
  3. Davidofficial

    Are any of you using Apps for your website?

    I think when you are thinking about creating an app is nectary that you keep in mind how to optimize the app as well.
  4. Hello, I just wanted to know what is the best tool for email marketing. Is there any good free tool ??
  5. Yeah nice one as I was doing some research on email marketing so it was very useful for me.
  6. Just simply do a 301 redirect from the old page to the new page and that will solve all the problems for you. After you do that if possible try to submit backlinks url and that page URLs through google submit url section. This is little important bcoz you are asking google to recheck your changes.
  7. Davidofficial

    Is Bing DYING? -- Or Killing Sites?

    I think bing is going to comeback in a big way in the search industry