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  1. HIGH PR Society hit again

    Ok, can you PM me the ticket number that includes the screen shots so that I can look it up and troubleshoot it for you? Thanks.
  2. HIGH PR Society hit again

    Thanks, like I said...we aren't lying or trying to ***** people. We are extremely transparent with our customers and as honest as we can be about everything. This does open up an interesting discussion though...it seems as though webmaster tools is showing even less information than before.
  3. HIGH PR Society hit again

    When you take care of a town, you protect the civilians within it..and you put up watch towers for the trolls outside it =) ....joking aside, he is entitled to a sense of humor and I am concentrating on our customers...in fact, I've already provided "Yougotmoney" with the proof he was asking for in his deal to retract what he said. I provided him with an indexed report, and one sample link so he could verify it himself.
  4. HIGH PR Society hit again

    Yeah, you can PM me.
  5. HIGH PR Society hit again

    Here, I'm not exactly sure what your doing or why or why not you are able to calculate the indexing rate...but I'll show you the truth. This is for links that went live a couple of weeks ago. We don't automatically track indexing at the article level so I'm not sure if this is typical or not..but since you asking and you want to see..here it is. The indexing rate for articles from the last couple of weeks is a little over 50%
  6. HIGH PR Society hit again

    And how are you using Google, who never gives accurate indexing numbers, to check the index rate on the links that we don't provide you with, inside of High PR? Let me know what your doing and I will help troubleshoot the best I can.
  7. HIGH PR Society hit again

    And what exactly are you using to check the index rates? Google? Because as stated, we block all crawlers but Googlebot. This was added post-purge to help reduce the exposure of the network. So the links won't show up in majestic, yindex or any other typical backlink tools. No sense in going through the trouble of making a network private if you can just easily look it up with tools.
  8. HIGH PR Society hit again

    We close out tickets daily, and hit the forums as much as we can on top of the rest of our job duties. There are a lot of forums out there, with a lot of posts asking questions and its hard to be everywhere at once and still work on our current sites, plus work on new ones that are coming out. We try to make sure we answer every question but we can't be everywhere at once. Especially on forums..if you want a guaranteed answer, submit a support ticket because we close those out daily (during work week, monday-friday)...with only a few that will occasionally take longer under certain circumstances.
  9. HIGH PR Society hit again

    Hello, I think you misunderstood what he was saying...or he didn't clarify enough. In either case, here is what was meant. You, as a user, can delete any UNPOSTED article. Once the article is LIVE, you can delete your LINK from the article..and that is the purpose of the delete key. You cannot delete the article entirely, because it may have comments that people paid for. That is the only fair and logical way to for it to work. Like Justin said, " We loaded in another 483 sites last week and in the process nuked some of the historical ranking data. Going forward the tracking info is right, but we need to try and recover the historical data and merge it back in. There are no deindexed sites in the network and when they do come up, we take them offline". So we are working on the display of the PR, but the PR is fine and there are no De-indexed sites". There are always a few people who are saying that, there have been a few people saying it since the beginning. Because 3 or 4 people said it wasn't working in the begining, did that mean it wasn't? Despite the countless case studies and testimonials? Of course not....Thousands of people are still using HPS and ranking. You can always find a few people who says something doesn't work and with SEO, there are so many variables, its hard to pinpoint what they are doing. As far as indexing goes, we never have claimed to offer any kind of indexing. Its a pointless, unstable and unreliable metric. Are indexed links more valuable then non indexed links...yes, but there is no reliable way to calculate, measure, verify or use the information for SEO. Google doesn't share accurate numbers and 3rd party crawlers, with limited resources and bandwidth, who crawl and index small fractions of the web are even LESS reliable. I've seen those services say one site has 9000 indexed links and then a few days later say it only has 2000. Did those links just disappear? NO..they just cleaned out their database to make room for more..that doesn't mean those links disappeared. These guys only have a limited amount of bandwidth and they got to continue crawling new sites, plus re-crawl old sites on a limited budget. GOOGLE crawls only a fraction of the web, with its billions of dollars, and you think these other guys can do it reliably? I'm not going to waste my time tracking something so volatile, unstable and unreliable when there are other things out there worth tracking...like PR, Crawling and SERPS. That being said, you won't find HPS on any 3rd party anyway, like we said from the beginning when we went private, we block crawling bots. We block everyone except for Google. We made the network private, it would be silly to do that and then leave an easy way to find the network. But like I said, its a silly metric to use anyway and those 3rd party ones are even more silly. We can only control what we offer and that is PR, crawled links in Google's database, that will positively effect SERPS. Thats it, that is all we are focused on and all we offer. If you want to chase indexing numbers, by all means, you have every right to...but don't waste your time trying to convince me to stare at the bark, when what I want to see, is the forest.
  10. Best Ping service to get backlinks indexed

    The questions as asked, I answered. As far as being over priced, you either expect too much for too little or you are unaware of the value you are receiving. We are competitively priced for what we offer. We don't have price complaints, in fact...we have tons of people telling us how happy they are to have a pay as you use option. Your emails will stop being sent after 5 unsuccessful re-bill attempts. You currently have Homepage links still, if you want the emails to stop, delete them...if not..wait till 5 days are up and it will quit.
  11. Best Ping service to get backlinks indexed

    There is linklicious for sure, but if you want High PR links, or articles and comments.... www.HighPRSociety.com The great thing about HPS is that there is low OBL. Only 15 OBL Homepage links per site