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  1. Sven Gwendo

    How to install https on my wordpress blog ?

    So this means that any non ssl links I created will still go to the same page without having to create separate redirects?
  2. As much time as you take writing out these replies you should write a book or something. Thanks
  3. Just going to echo this.
  4. How much traffic do you have to get from a forum to make it worth doing?
  5. Sven Gwendo

    140 free stock images

    Good find I can surely find a use for some decent images probably use most of them on social media posts and some on my blog.
  6. Almost too much information when you look at all the lists. I like the way the authority hacker site did it with the pro and cons of each one laid out clearly which helps a lot.
  7. You might want to check out this article https://chatbotsmagazine.com/10-links-to-learn-about-chatbots-in-an-hour-74466577f3c8
  8. That has to be the best article on how to manage your on site seo that I have seen. Good find.
  9. That sounds cheap enough I will see what I can find. Did you get them off Amazon or a specialty site?