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  1. how to get second facebook account

    Well that is somewhat disturbing. Not sure I get this one https://diafygi.github.io/webrtc-ips/ It is just showing ip addresses.
  2. One of the better seo vids I have watched it was worth the time for sure. I like the way they included a transcript as it saves on the note taking.
  3. If someone had asked my how many different types of visual content there was my number would not have anywhere near 16 but looking at the list they can all legitimately be called different.
  4. There is quite a bit of overlap on the lists. One master list would be very cool.
  5. Some of them are in niches that are not applicable to me but there are a few that I have not heard of that I can probably use. Thanks for the share.
  6. What is the best Email Marketing tool

    They both look like viable options to get started cheaply while still having some nice options. Thanks for the share
  7. Rand leaving MOZ

    This article over at Search Engine Journal does not make it sound like he is getting pushed out. https://www.searchenginejournal.com/mozs-rand-fishkin-stepping-away-day-day-operations/206184/ It more sounds that after 16 years he is easing up.
  8. This is completely new to me and quite interesting. It looks like it would have taken a large amount of work to put it together but I can see it being a very useful tool.
  9. Your favorite Social Network

    I have not been doing a lot with social media but I have a Facebook page I have been working and it is starting to do OK. Nothing great yet and probably not worth the time I have spent on it but it is starting to improve.
  10. I agree this may be the case I use Yoast because I see it mentioned a lot I never even heard of the all in one plugin before this thread
  11. Good point I try not to do that but I have to admit there are a couple of tools I have paid for but did not end up using much Thanks I will check it out.
  12. Here is an article talking about how to do free and premium content https://www.searchenginejournal.com/premium-content-seo/203326/
  13. I checked it out. Is it worth buying at $200, that is fairly expensive?
  14. Well that is a very large difference and does make it worth doing with that kind of business increase.
  15. Interesting article I really mostly thought it is more just here is a great deal buy now rather than digging into people's fears. Where would a good place for a beginner in internet marking go for learning this kind of thing?