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  1. Hi! There are many ways to do Link Building. Some of them such as Guest Posting are effective and move the needle, and some of them like Bookmarking are not that effective but they're still good for your marketing mix. 1) Guest posting My favorite link building method is Guest Posting. Why? Because I see results from it. Well, it has downsides as well. It requires resources - time/money to produce content, time to do a research and find relevant blogs, time to lead that email correspondence. Actually, I wrote a blog post How to choose a website for guest blogging. it's a mini guide that you need to read if you try doing guest posting. 2) Resource Pages If your site has interesting and valuable resource, you can target a bunch of relevant sites with resource pages and ask them to include your resource page in it. This link building method do not work well in niches as Digital Marketing and SEO. But in some fields like Education they work extremely good! 3) Testimonials Have you bought any product or service recently? Well, why don't you leave them a testimonial. Many of the testimonial pages give also a link to the happy client. Here is what Rand Fishkin says about testimonials as a linkbuilding strategy: “I’d wager that most of you have between 2-5 dozen contacts who would love to get something positive written from you about them that they can publish on their site. It’s not hard to get started; simply make a list and start sending emails.” Source: MOZ 4) Roundups and Interviews That's another favorite of main method to build links. Many of the experts who you'll invite for your roundup have a website with a page where they list all their Media appearance. It means that they may link to the roundup/Interview from their site. Here is what Mario Peshev from Devrix says about Roundups as a strategy: “Roundups and interviews are insanely successful. Once you feature micro influencers or other industry experts, you’re not only gaining some traction on mobile, but land a few backlinks along the way – from industry-related blogs and sites. For a roundup with 20 experts, we get about 5-7 targeted links from their sites and portfolios.” If you have any questions - just ask. I'll get a notification on my email and will get back to you.
  2. Hi, guys! I compiled a list with legit ways to make money online. 1) Make money as a freelance writer 2) Make money as a Freelance Social Media Marketer 3) Make money as a freelance translator 4) Make money as an SEO Expert 5) Make money as an affiliate 6) Make money by blogging 7) Make money with Software 8) Data Entry From Home 9) Make money as an Influencer 10) Join a Remote Company Also, I interviewed a bunch of people who make decent money with the described methods. Check what they say here - https://digitalnovas.com/make-money-online/
  3. Hi, guys! I took the time to write a guide on how to use SEOquake. I am not their brand ambassador or affiliate but I use this free little plugin every day and despites the many disadvantages it has I find It useful. Once you install SEOquake you can check: 1. Page overview (Dashboard) The Alexa rank, the number of pages indexed by Google, the number of pages indexed by Bing, the website’s SEMrush rank, the Web Archive age, the number of Backlinks (according to SEMrush) and also valuable social signals like FaceBook likes, Google +1, Pinterest Pins, and Linkedin shares 2. Page info Here you can see: · Title · Meta Keywords · Meta description · Internal links · External links 3. SEOquake Diagnosis Page analysis, Mobile compliance and Site compliance 4. Shows External links In the “External links†section you can quickly check the number of external links a certain page has built and where they are pointing to. 5. Shows Internal links 6. Shows keyword density 7. Compare URLs/domains 8. SEOquake shows backlinks 9. Display advertising 10. Keyword difficulty You can see the guide that I mentioned above here - http://digitalnovas.com/seoquake-guide. I hope you find it useful.