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  1. I think that SSL is still not important SEO-factor that affects rankings. We just can see 50% of SSL websites in TOP10 because it's trend. Webmasters and website owners want to make their websites secure for users. In future, it will be an industry standard - install SSL on any website. Btw, if someone doesn't know, it is possible to get SSL absolutely free, take a look at the letsencrypt.org project.
  2. Keyword Research Tool

    Look at Keywordtool.io - they use AdWords data, so if you don't want to use AdWords it could be good alternative. Also, if you want to make more deep research of your keywords opportunities, take a look to Semrush - you can extract profitable keywords that are used by your competitors.
  3. What is your best traffic source?

    What can gain more traffic more that CPA?
  4. The same strategy ninjaoutreach used in their campaigns some years ago
  5. It can be, try to contact Google's webmaster to know with 100%
  6. what did you get the results?
  7. Guest blogging is still effective?

    all my colleagues are still using this method, is considered to be the most effective
  8. Google Hates Slow Websites

    Looks like this info for large organisations only
  9. Best Tools I've used

    Has anybody ever used rankactive for such reasons?
  10. Backlink Tool?

    so, what are you find to be the best in conclusion?
  11. useful information, give us more such as it please
  12. Top Ranking Factors

    Try to cooperate with other related sites about guest posting