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  1. Makes for a good checklist when you are building your pages to help you keep from trashing your conversion rate.
  2. Free Security Scans?

    I have not seen any problems with my site scans and I signed up 10 days ago.
  3. Nice list there was also another list posted a couple of months ago https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11365-the-17-best-lead-magnet-examples-for-lead-generation-in-2017
  4. Are these methods still viable since they are from 2013?
  5. Well I am not going to make it hard for someone to buy I guess I really do not understand how to target people in different stages of the buying process. You do not really know where anyone is, some people come to the site and buy and others need multiple touches so you really do not know.
  6. Pretty awesome video thanks for the share. Some of the stuff he talked about seems somewhat time consuming and while I can see why it would work I wonder if it would be worth the time invested.
  7. So just a buy button somewhere on the site so anyone can buy? Easy enough to do but after looking at the article again it seems he is going for something different.
  8. Blog Posts not getting Indexed

    Are the other pages even getting crawled by the google bots?
  9. That is a lot of domains I can see how dealing with them could be a bit of a nightmare.
  10. That is some good info, not only looks effective but should save some time as well. The whole site looks pretty good and it is not one I have seen before.
  11. Very useful way to weed out a lot of the bad info I agree
  12. Not sure I understand how this helps with organization.