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  1. Pikagon

    Mobile SEO The Ultimate Guide

    This article might not have been clear as it could have been but after reading a couple of others it does seem that Google will be using the mobile version for seo purposes for both mobile and desktop. I agree and think we will see a lot of crazy when this kicks in next year.
  2. I would bet the number is low. People do not like it when you take something away from them
  3. I do not have any paid plugins or themes on my sites. There are so many good free ones that I have not seen the need to pay for any.
  4. Pikagon

    The Amp is a lie?

    So hedge your bets and not go all in and only do it if it is easy?
  5. While I agree that making a time vs benefit decision makes sense non of the methods he described really seemed all that time consuming to me.
  6. This looks to be the thread https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11271-2017-link-building-strategy/?p=108816
  7. I would bet that this has a lot to do with it. Something different catches people's eye and if it became a common thing it would lose its power.
  8. More than you would think. There are a large number of people who spend most of their online time on Facebook they watch videos, get the news, message each other and pretty much do everything on Facebook instead of different sites. It is somewhat scary
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. Nice to not only get an answer but that they all agree rather than conflicting ones.
  10. So google is still not penalizing your site if the domain has a hyphen in it correct? It is just if you hyphens in the content that it gets weird?
  11. Pikagon

    Your favorite Social Network

    I have been doing ok with Facebook mostly with groups.
  12. Are those the only sites you leave reviews on?
  13. You rotate to different review pages? Is this something that is done automatically or do you change it manually after you get so many reviews? Also what sites do you generally use?
  14. Thanks for the heads up I had never heard of it before and after trying it out it seems to work well without any problems so far.
  15. How do you guys get people to leave you positive reviews on Yelp and the other review sites?