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  1. Yes, $150 per day with adsense/CPC You are going to be spending just $1 to set up the entire system. Here are a couple of things that you are going to need: 1. Adsense account/CPA account 2. A domain name in recruitment segment ($1 through Godaddy coupons)...I hope you ahve a Hosting Account 3. Computer+Internet 4. 2.5-3hrs setup time (once) and 15-20 minutes running time/day 5. A TON OF IMAGINATION - both the good kind and the bad kind Brief overview of the system: 1. Create a free LI account as a recruiter 2. Join specific Li groups of jobseekers (target specific niches) 3. Li doesn't allow regualar job posts in groups from free members (yes they close your account), so you'll post "Crazy news items" in the groups and drive traffic to a page that "previews the news" but has link bait to a subdomain with jobs and adsense ads. 4. Enable Adsense rotation on your subtheme and replace rectangular ads with vertical banners. Here's a step by step video of the entire setup and running process I created: Note: Since this is a free share I requested in my YT vids to subscribe to my channel and I'll buy the theme for my subscribers and gift them. You DON'T have to subscribe if you don't want to. If you can get plugins to do the work of the theme, please use plugins. Here are the most important steps of the process: Thanks.