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  1. Automated comment posting

    I am getting between a 15 to 30 percent success rate with my VPN during the comment posting phase. Is it possible to use private proxies for posting? Let's say I buy 50 private proxies. How many threads should I be running? I think 50 threads is the default. Do I need to slow down though or is that only a concern during the harvesting URLs phase? And if I use private proxies for comment posting, what would my success rate be?
  2. Automated comment posting

    Yeah I am not even bothering with Google scraping anymore. I just use Bing and with Bing they don't block you ever so I can harvest as many links as I want from them. Main thing now is to figure out how to use the comment poster at it's optimal use. I changed my IP address from my VPN and got back up to 30% success rate so I am doing good again. If I use private proxies to post comments, it will boost my success rate a lot higher, right? And do I need to put in some kind of timegap? This is the part that I am stuck on and can't find much good advice in regards to. Basically do I need to put in a timegap on the comment poster section and if so, how? I cannot find the timegap option for the comment poster and I've checked everywhere.
  3. Automated comment posting

    Well now I am facing an even worse problem. The success rate for comment posting has dropped to 2% whereas I was getting like 30% before. What the hell? The main issue I believe is that there needs to be timeouts put on both the harvesting and the posting. I can't find the option for either though. Also how much of a timeout? The last thing I want is to buy private proxies and then end up getting them banned because I didn't know what to do. And I can't find anyone willing to answer my questions, either.
  4. Automated comment posting

    Right now I am about to purchase some proxy servers, 25 or so, to run on. I am hoping that will kick it up a few notches. One question tho, do I need to use a time gap between requests when it is harvesting URLs from the keywords? Because it seems that Google is cutting me off after a while because it is getting too many search requests from me. Also, how do I set it up on a VPS?
  5. Automated comment posting

    Well I read this comment, so apparently there are far more powerful tools than ScrapeBox for mass commenting. Anyone know of such tools? "ScrapeBox was one of first automated Black Hat tools. Nowadays I doubt that anyone is still using ScrapeBox for mass blog commenting. Not because comment links are not that powerful anymore, but mostly because there are many more advanced Black Hat SEO tools."
  6. Automated comment posting

    Where do I buy screened lists and how much are they on average?
  7. Automated comment posting

    Right now I am just getting the hang of it. One thing I did to vastly increase the number of URLs harvested from keywords is to disable proxies. I am now getting like 30,000 URLs, and after removing Duplicates, left with 8000 or so. Out of that 8000, there is about a 30 to 40 percent success rate of the comment being posted, so that is still around 3000 comments being posted. So it's not that bad, actually. But even still I would like to increase it much bigger. One guide suggested buying 25 proxies but I am not sure how to use them and how to keep them from getting blacklisted so until I figure that out I dont want to spend money on them. By the way, I am using a VPN during all this, so my real IP address is being masked, of course. Thanks for the youtube tutorials link, I will check out his videos.
  8. Automated comment posting

    I have heard about people who can harvest hundreds of thousands of URLs per day. I am wondering how they do that? Meanwhile all I can do is harvest like 4000 URLs per hour. Is there some trick that the people are using to get so many URLs? Please tell me how to do it also.
  9. Automated comment posting

    Okay I harvested keywords and now am harvesting URLs using ScrapeBox. I am getting a ton of errors tho. I have 5000 keywords, and it says I have harvested 401 URLs but there are also 1400 Errors. Is this normal to have so many errors? Right now it's at 15% done. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Automated comment posting

  11. Automated comment posting

    Thanks a lot for your helpful info, Richard. Do you mind if I contact you? What is your email, or can you send me your email thru private message? Thanks man
  12. Automated comment posting

    So I can type in a comment like "Hello, check out my new site at www.personalwebsite.com" and it will post my comment to tens of thousands of blogs within minutes?
  13. Automated comment posting

    okay cool, so it will post a comment of my choice onto a ton of blogs?
  14. does anyone have a script or app i can use to automate comment posting? I want to post a comment to hundreds of thousands of blogs but i can only do that with a script or some kind of app. anyone got an idea?