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  1. RideCut

    What is your best traffic source?

    WarriorForum is a good source of traffic for me as well. Also, Blog Commenting is another great source via constant commenting and participating in discussions.
  2. Another big vote for Manage WP. I've been using them for a long time and they're basically doing an awesome job for me. There are other great alternatives as well, but for me this is the one!
  3. RideCut

    How to explain to clients that PR is Dead?

    I would say simplify the process to your clients so they can understand. Instead of the PR, You still can show them metrics like Moz Page and Domain Authority. And you can get a glance on whatever site you want to check for on opensiteexplorer.com Moz is having a chrome plugin which you can get installed and synced with your browser. This way you will automatically get a glance of SEO metrics for whatever site you will visit which is a convenient way to convince clients.
  4. This is a very good guide, I've checked it out and I can say your strategies are simply working. I'm pinning like a wild animal on Pinterest (Something around 50-80 pins per day). And I'm very happy to say that Pinterest is my top traffic source on my niche sites. Thanks again for sharing..
  5. RideCut

    Guest blogging is still effective?

    I would say YES. Guest Blogging is still very effective only if done right. And on the right blogs too. I've posted a guest post on a top blog in my niche a few months ago. The surprise was that my daily traffic since then has been double folded due to a one blog post. Taking in mind that at that time I was just starting out with a new niche authority blog with no defined strategy yet. So yes. Guest Blogging is working like a charm. Furthermore: Blog Commenting, Forum Posting, Web 2.0, Social Media Sharing are working as well. You will just need to give more time on each platform and you will skyrocket your traffic in no time. Happy to help
  6. RideCut

    Best Online Tool To Test On-page SEO Of Website?

    I've been using SEMRush for 3 months now and I'm so happy with what it has to offer. It includes many tools for competition analysis, and SEO recommendations. As for your inquiry, there is a tool in SEMRush that allows you to run a Site Audit. It allows you to run an audit on your site, and gives you an SEO score with errors and warnings on your site to fix. Great tool for the bucks!
  7. RideCut

    Do You Use Single or Double opt-in?

    Right. I'm using the double optin. This way it's more safe to avoid cold subscribers. With double optin, Nobody will confirm subscription unless seriously interested in opting in. Nice question!
  8. Yes. Thanks for sharing. Awesome tips for website conversion optimization. I'm receiving ~ 2,500 hits per month and I see a very good conversion rate. I believe that you will get a very good conversion rate if you applied the following tips: 1. Prioritize header section (above the fold). 2. Newsletter Subscription Below Posts. 3. Create a solid ‘About’ Page. 4. Do not over-relay on Adsense. 5. Build A Strong Inbound Links Tree, You may wish to read more about these 5 tips here on my blog: Website Conversion Optimization: The Beginner’s Guide Thanks for sharing..
  9. Well. I've been using Yoast SEO the pro version for a long time and it's awesome. Along with it, I'm using SemRush for long tail keywords targeting. Thanks for bother tools, I've managed to rank higher for many keywords in a competitive niche.