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  1. I've tried booking.com for a few months and they are worse than Agoda for payouts. They are both owned by Priceline so they must have had the word from the top to skim some earnings.
  2. Glassy

    That sneaky re-direct is back.

    The redirect is still here. I only get it when I delete my cookies and visit TP. It showed 2 popups and a short URL service behind the popups. I also got a warning from Web of Trust to not visit but that was probably because of the other site that took the place of TP. Most regular users wont notice it as it only seems to show when all cookies are deleted so anyone new to the forum will probably get the bad stuff. Pretty sneaky really.
  3. Yeah there is some funny stuff going on with their CID's. I have an iframe site which shows the CID in all pages except the booking page where it matters. I emailed them about this and got no response like usual. I don't think it matters what is before or after the CID in the source code, as long as your actual CID is present somewhere in the page.
  4. Hi sangsom, Yes, I have had my affiliate commissions shaved by Agoda and it has been going on since October or November last year and this year they have shaved even more! Bookings went way down last year in October or November and then they went down more in February - even though my targeted traffic increased. Then I put in a lot of hard work to get the bookings up as they are only direct sales now with no cookie life and something happened in late August where they say they calculate things differently but that was just an excuse to skim more earnings. I'm not sure about the new or old CID thing, I have been using the same one the whole time and I have noticed that any other CID that I've used doesn't work at all so I just use my original one. Everyone is getting skimmed not just you and me and if you were to email them you will get no response as they hardly ever answer emails. Basically they are too big to care now. Check out these threads and you will see that others are effected too. http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/partners-agodacom-agoda-started-to-skim-the-affiliate-earnings-c668065.html http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/affiliate-programs/529562-agoda-affiliate-representatives-poor-communication-skills.html
  5. I'm agreeing with you junkdna. It's great how Terry is doing this experiment and I will be watching closely, but I can see what might happen. The Google spies will be watching this thread and will most likely adjust the algo after it's done so it will be harder to rank these kinds of pages. The big social sites seem to be immune from links that would get most other pages penalized as the algo doesn't seem to apply to them so they could just discount the links from then on. But on the plus side, if all of these social and big name sites pages start going backwards in the SERP's, it would give our sites a better chance at ranking!
  6. Indexification helps with indexing faster as do social signals, especially from Facebook and Twitter. If you are adding content everyday and keep doing those things, your site should get crawled everyday. Having a proper site link structure helps as do links from active sites.
  7. The problem is - not only are Google trying to destroy affiliates in the SERP's, the affiliates themselves all start to skim eventually so you are screwed ether way. If you are making money from Adsense they can cancel your account and keep the money for any reason they can make up or even not make a reason up at all and just send out an automated email. It's happened to many users of Adsense. Other affiliates start off by being generous, but they pretty much all get greedy eventually and they just look after their big affiliates and skim the rest. Yes, it's tough being an affiliate, you have to find one that doesn't screw you over and find a way to bring in traffic that doesn't rely on the SERP's. Better still, sell your own stuff and cut out the middle man and work on getting repeat buyers without organic SEO, just use organic SEO as a bonus.
  8. Glassy

    Penguin 2.1 launched today

    My 2 sites got hit badly and there was some spun content used in a blog network but this update is different from other updates as all of my pages seemed to get hit with a penalty - even those that had no backlinks pointing to them. In previous updates, any fall back in the SERP's was mostly page specific and didn't effect other pages but with this update, it looks like all my pages have taken a hit. My sites are not small and have around 300 pages with unique fully readable content. There are also plenty of social signals pointing at the sites. Hummingbird was very good to my sites and they gained a lot of rankings but with this update they have fallen way back further so It might be part of Google's plan to keep tossing sites around that they can detect as non authority which are trying to game the system and leave the brands at the top.
  9. I am using strait non cloaked affiliate links and sometimes have up to 20 of them on the one page and have no troubles ranking for lower to medium comp keywords. I've been doing this for a couple of years but I make sure to put all the links below the fold. There is unique hand written content, images with the proper alt tags and videos wherever possible on these pages though and I wouldn't expect to rank if the pages were a load of junk unless there was no competition. Oh and the aff links are always nofollow.
  10. That's the thing, you need an Adwords account. It wouldn't surprise if this is Google's next step - "Your Adwords account has been deactivated due to inactivity". It's pretty obvious what they are doing. Fill those first pages up with junk so it leaves sites with no other options but to advertise with them to be positioned above the junk.
  11. Yeah Google are not only filling up their page with their junk, but they will soon only allow the keyword tool to those who pay them with Adwords. In other words, they are squeezing sites out of the loop who don't pay them. Great strategy from a business point of view, but it sucks for the small guys.
  12. US and UK Google wouldn't be your only organic traffic sources and technically, it is possible that there could have been a drop in other countries without a drop in those 2. It could be possible that you are checking your site at the same time each day, but during the day it does a dance and comes back to it's position. Just another scenario as this does happen.
  13. Have you checked your rankings in other countries, it might have dropped there. Also, if there are more ads at the top displaying more often, this would also mop up traffic.
  14. Glassy

    Sneaky Sneaky Google...

    I noticed Google doing these things more than a year ago. There is Google Weather, Google Currency, Google Places, even Google Hotels! They are using their monopoly to their advantage and it's working. The average user doesn't care as they just want their results ASAP and Google are giving it to them without them even having to visit a webpage! Of course if you want to be above the Google stuff, you have to pay for an ad, otherwise you lose. Clever tactics and with no watch dog that is willing to do anything about it, they continue on like cowboys and to rub salt into the wound, they even avoid paying tax as they bounce their profits from offshore tax haven to the next.
  15. I still see sites breaking all the rules ranking well. Sites with no content and heaps of ads still killing it in the SERP's. Backlinkwatch.com never loses rankings with any algo update and it's as spammy as they get.