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  1. Pretty much a wast of money
  2. I was not aware of the delivering malware part but I did know that plugins and themes changes hands. If you think about it you can see why the bad guys would go this route as they have a built in delivery path already set up for them.
  3. I have not seen a hard date posted anywhere. There is a good chance they do not even know for sure yet, it can take awhile to go from "we are planning on doing this" to "this is when we are going to do it" when it comes to big companies.
  4. Infographics can be a good traffic driver but you need to make sure they are not confusing. Do not try and jam too much info into them. Keep them simple and clear and they do a lot better.
  5. https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/12/tipping-scales-https A look at where the move to https is and where it is going. One thing the article mentions is the Chrome is going to start giving warnings to all http sites even if there is no form fields to fill out. I would not be surprised if FireFox follows Google's lead on this.
  6. Check out these 2 facebook groups https://www.facebook.com/groups/salestestimonials/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoloAdsTestimonials/

    What are the best sites for online work?

    I have use upwork and had it work out pretty good.
  8. I have been doing all the content that is on my site. Like Chadrick I do purchase content for my linkbuilding.
  9. It looks like they are not just dropping it but replacing it with another program with more flexability for the sites on what content they share for free.
  10. If you do not find the embed code for a site you can always use an iframe to embed it.
  11. Hmm... Drops link to site and then never comes back to answer questions.
  12. While that is true it does not take all that much work to make sure your images are optimized correctly.
  13. TWO FACE

    Mobile SEO The Ultimate Guide

    There is a lot of good info in the blog post. Considering that Google is going to mobile first getting mobile seo setup correctly on our sites over the next few months is going to be extremely important if we do not want to have our rankings fall.
  14. A third option would be to just scale back the amount of time you spend with them to match the income they generate.