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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply I will go through everything and see if I can figure out where the problem lies.
  2. I have had some success in getting more traffic to my site both from google and social media but not as successful in getting engagement on the site to grow with the traffic numbers. Could use some help.
  3. I believe that Google shut down access to it around the first of the year unless you are running an adwords campaign.
  4. Nancy Cruz

    Blocking Spam Traffic and Bots?

    That generator makes it very easy to setup your redirects. Nice find for sure.
  5. I would have agreed about a site just selling one product not making a huge amount of sense but I had not considered your examples Do most of them sell just on their site or do they sell other places as well? .
  6. Nancy Cruz

    Free Security Scans?

    Nice share and from the comments it does look safe and legit. Going to signup and see what it says about my site.
  7. Looks like there are still some bugs in the process as the OK Google part is showing up but Google is showing voice search info which is good. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-keyword-planner-okay-google-24281.html
  8. Nancy Cruz

    Is really pdf helps in SEO strategy

    Search Engine Journal might disagree with you https://www.searchenginejournal.com/pdf-seo-best-practices/59975/ It looks like if you do it correctly PDFs can be of use for seo purposes.
  9. Nancy Cruz

    Mobile SEO The Ultimate Guide

    I think it is more than not short changing the content on your mobile version. It is that the mobile version of your content is going to be the primary pages that Google is looking at. It seems like Google is going to be ignoring the desktop version and using the mobile version to rank your site on both the desktop and mobile.
  10. Seems to mostly boil down to manage expectations and being able to document performance.
  11. Seems to mostly boil down to manage expectations and being able to document performance.
  12. If I have not learned anything else by hanging out in the IM forums is that first there are a huge number of different ways to make money and second that there really are no easy buttons. Anyone that tells you that yes there is an easy button is trying to sell you something, if it sounds to good to be true than it most likely is.
  13. I did a lot of review checking and searching for info on both of them before choosing Yoast and while there may not be a huge difference between the two my reading made me think that Yoast would be a better choice.
  14. I have noticed this as well. There are lots of things that I thought everybody knew or knew how to do but in some conversations I found out that a lot of that knowledge is not as widespread as I thought it was.
  15. Matt puts out some good stuff I found a link to his blog here in the forum in another thread and have been a regular reader since then. It is a good blog to watch for new posts.