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  1. What do you enjoy most about working in SEO?

    Looks like the same as most of us. Better working for myself than someone else, work the hours I want to work, and I can make more money this way.
  2. I have been building links and working on a new domain for the last couple of months. I recently found and bought a dropped domain that looks like it has some good links on it. Would I be better off forwarding the links from the dropped domain to the new one or moving the content over and forwarding the links to the dropped domain?
  3. The Master List of eCommerce Threads

    Glad you put this list together I had no idea there were so many helpful ecommerce threads and from the looks of it quite a few of them were at least somewhat hard to find.
  4. I agree knowing which group is responsible for your income would be good info to know.
  5. Thanks for the detailed response it is a perspective that I had not really thought about.
  6. Does it not cost you money when you drop clients just because they are a bit of a pain? Is it not better to just take their money and do the job?
  7. So how would you do it if you just offered seo services?
  8. Your favorite Social Network

    So far I have been doing ok with Facebook. I am going to be creating an online store and will be working on Pinterest as everything I have read says that it works good for businesses with products.
  9. This is helpful thank you. I am planning on starting a online store and have been thinking about software and this gives a good way to look at it.
  10. How to explain to clients that PR is Dead?

    Not luck I planned it that way. I came from a service industry and was tired of dealing with customers and clients so I chose a business model that required very little in the way of dealing with customers. 90% of my income comes from affiliate sales where somebody else deals with supporting customers. It it not an accident at all just me being tired of dealing with people and figuring out a way to make some money without doing so.
  11. How to explain to clients that PR is Dead?

    This is the kind of thing that makes me glad I do not deal with clients and just work on building and ranking my own sites. With affiliate sites you very rarely have to deal with people and especially client problems.
  12. Do You Use Single or Double opt-in?

    I always use double opt-in when collecting leads on my websites.
  13. I have been using wp remote for awhile now and it works pretty good and it is free.