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  1. Did Google say when they were going to start the warnings on the non secure pages without forms? If it was in the articles I missed it.
  2. I bought and started using Scrapebox not that long ago and have been using it for find sites in my niche to post on and it does a pretty good job. There is a learning curve but it is not that hard to learn and there are a lot of good tutorials out there if you need them.
  3. Thanks I will have to start doing that.
  4. How do you use unique phrases to check your links?
  5. Neat idea and results but she said this was something they started a few years ago. Some information on whether long term it held up or if there was a drop in the response rate would have been something to include in the article.
  6. What company do you use to handle your email lists?
  7. Thanks I will dig into this some more there is a good chance I will have more questions.,
  8. I can see using a couple of them and that is extremely cheap. Thanks for the share.
  9. So you just add the redirects to the file and mobile users will go to the mobile site and desktop users will go to the regular site? Do you need a complete mobile site that recreats all your pages?
  10. How do you do that exactly? Is there a setting somewhere that handles that for you?
  11. 17 Untapped Backlink Sources

    There are quite a few types of links that I have not used before. I am going to have to give them a try and see if they will help my sites.
  12. Do You Use Single or Double opt-in?

    I always use double optin when collecting email addresses
  13. Your favorite Social Network

    Facebook and Twitter work the best for me