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  1. A good list of links some of them I am using but also some new ones
  2. Google is not giving out as much information on your traffic as they were a few years ago. Using the info in the article still should give you what info they are still giving out.
  3. how to get second facebook account

    Of all of them the uniquemachine link was the most troubling. It was able to identify my computer as the same one even when using a different browser. That is something I did not realize was possible.
  4. The Master List of eCommerce Threads

    I have not been back to the forum in awhile and I find these threads. Extremely cool idea having all this info in one place. Are you going to do any more of them?
  5. I remember reading an article awhile back and you basically had to get quite a lot of views to make any kind of substantial amount of money. For most of us it would just be a few extra bucks. The thing I would worry about is having ads on your videos might decrease your conversions and lower your other income more than what ever you are able to get from the ads.
  6. A lot of mobile providers are throttling video playback speeds so that is something that you need to keep in mind when targeting video at mobile users.
  7. Marketing

    You might want to check out the following threads. https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11143-11-step-guide-to-convert-new-audiences-with-facebook-ads/ https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11042-how-much-does-facebook-advertising-cost-the-complete-guide-to-facebook-ads-pricing/ https://trafficplanet.com/topic/10966-8-social-media-metrics-you-must-track-for-better-strategy/ https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11485-14-essential-tips-for-an-engaging-facebook-business-page/
  8. Free or Paid Plugins and Themes for Word Press

    Mostly free but I have paid for the thrive plugin and the theme I use is one that I paid for.
  9. Mobile SEO The Ultimate Guide

    Don't feel bad I did not quite understand that was they were saying either. That is going to make things very interesting when it kicks in next year.
  10. I did not even realize that there were that many affiliate programs out there. With a list this big it would be hard to see how anyone could not find one that will work for them.
  11. Barnacle SEO: Leveraging Other Sites' Rankings

    I find this whole concept interesting. How do you approach people for the partnerships?
  12. Drop me a PM if you still need some Spanish links
  13. So you can get started for about $100 in hardware assuming you use your phone camera. What about lighting and all that? Do you do anything special? What about using the webcam on your computer? I know that some people do that which would save a some money.
  14. Does traffic from a site just stop converting? That seems odd if it was before and now it is not. I can see the amount of traffic dropping for any number of reasons but stopping converting seems odd.