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  1. This one seems to work and it is really easy to setup
  2. This is important info and shows that sometimes not being able to win is just targeting the wrong keywords. Another reason why long tails are important as most of them are going to cover intent
  3. Thanks guys I will check them out.
  4. Any specific threads you would recommend?
  5. Found a good testing tool for your emails

    If you are having delivery issues with your emails you should check out this tool. You get 3 free tests and then you have to start paying https://glockapps.com/
  6. How to install https on my wordpress blog ?

    You have a hosting company? I do not remember you mentioning that before.
  7. Buffer sites

    How do you determine the payback on a site that you are only going to use for links only? Or do you not do that when you buy sites?
  8. Best Scrapebox Tutorials?

    Thanks for the help it has been very useful.
  9. Good article and I second the fact that the linked tool is pretty cool........
  10. Best Scrapebox Tutorials?

    Is running scrapebox and other link building tools on your home computer ok or do you really need to get a vps to run them on?
  11. How much can we spin the content on our link pages?

    I think google is getting better at reading content so it probably should at least be readable.
  12. Very true but it should not be all that hard to find out how much of your traffic is coming from images. If they seem to help your sales then optimize them if not then it is probably not worth the time.
  13. I think there are a couple of other threads as well, if so lead magnets might be a good choice for a combined thread like what was done for the voice search threads.
  14. This is things that I have not even thought about checking on my site I am going to guess I have some work to do. These types of articles are great because most people probably do not dig that deep which gives us an advantage.