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  1. Building PBN Sites?

    Thanks this thread was very helpful
  2. I use Yoast on my site. I look at a few other plugins and Yoast was the one with the best reviews so that is the one I added to my site and it does a good job.
  3. I did not know that link begging was really a thing I guess my site is too small for anyone but the comment spammers to bother with.
  4. How do you hide part of your content? Is there a plugin for that?
  5. Nothing beats free tools that are actually helpful and make your job easier. Thanks for the share on these just with a quick check I found a few hashtags that I was using were for the most part worthless.
  6. Do You Use Single or Double opt-in?

    I use double as that is the default in my settings and I never really thought about changing it since it seems to work ok
  7. It seems like there are more ways for this to go wrong than go right and you really need to make sure you do a lot of testing before releasing a bunch of pop-ups on your visitors.
  8. I am fairly surprised by the number of websites that still work badly on mobile. It is not like mobile is new, I could understand a few years ago but now? Some load slow and that is one thing but some are pretty much completely unusable from a phone. You would think by now the site owners would realize they were losing a huge amount of money and fix it.
  9. Yahoo and AOL Merging?

    I have been a Verizon customer in the past and they pretty much suck alot. While I have no idea if Yahoo or AOL can be saved I doubt that Verizon is going to be able to do it since I doubt they can run a business where the customers have a lot of choice.
  10. I use manage WP it saves a lot of time over having to deal with the sites separately. It works for me but to be honest I have not tried the other options so I cannot really say it is better than the rest.
  11. Automated comment posting

    Another vote for scrapebox it is the best program for blog commenting