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  1. I have seen some changes but nothing huge with some going up and some going downl.
  2. Saving time is not something I really thought about with paid vs free. Do paid ones often save you time over the free ones?
  3. 2017 Link Building Strategy

    Thanks for the link that is a great thread...
  4. 2017 Link Building Strategy

    It looks like a good program and Matt's tut is very good.
  5. OK that makes sense. Do you have a youtube channel for all your sites? If not why some sites and not others?
  6. How many videos do you create for each action? Are they on the same channel or do you create a bunch of different ones?
  7. The Master List of eCommerce Threads

    well that is a lot of ecommerce threads way more than I thought there were. Good Choice do you know which one you are going to do next?
  8. I also think this would be a good idea.
  9. Where else would google be showing the links?
  10. That makes a certain amount of sense Thanks/
  11. Do social media links help your ranking like other links or does Google treat them as something different?