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  1. robots.txt not working?

    Thanks guys that info is going to be quite useful
  2. The Wordpress Security Thread

    Looking at his sig it does not appear that he is coming back to the forum to answer questions any longer.
  3. My rankings have also been steady which I am glad of since no one seems to really know the exact causes of their drops.
  4. I would not waste my content on social media just link to instead to get people to your site.
  5. Chance of something breaking your site and you know knowing about it.
  6. how to get second facebook account

    For most people probably not. The benefit is a separate Facebook account that is not you which is nice if you do not want Facebook and everyone they sell your info to to know everything about you. And really for me it was not that big a deal $70 and an hours worth of work and it was done.
  7. how to get second facebook account

    Are you using the same computer? Same Browser? Same anything at all to open up the second account? If so then Facebook is seeing that you are trying to open a second account. Of all the social media companies Facebook is the best at sniffing out people trying to open up additional accounts and there are a lot of ways for them to fingerprint your computer. After a couple of failures what I did was buy a cheap laptop off ebay with no operating system. I think I paid $69 for it then I loaded ubuntu on it and then went to the library to use their wifi and opened up a new account. All I use it for is social accounts for that persona so it does not have to be all that great of a computer. Once you have the new account you have to be very careful not to do anything that will connect your new one to your old one. That means no accessing it from your home or office IP. This is especially true since you have had a couple get cancelled already. Seriously dude did you even read the post? This is 100% unhelpful for someone trying to nail a second account.
  8. Good article, most of what was on the list I have heard before but there were a couple of things I had not previously thought of.
  9. How to install https on my wordpress blog ?

    Yes the free or cheap ones will work on an ecommerce site.
  10. Wikipedia Links?

    Is the benefit of having wikipedia links enough to be worth all the work and cost? I can see having a page might be worth it but just one of the links down at the bottom?
  11. Very cool not something I had thought but it does make sense. Thanks for the help
  12. .Is this something that could be used for non local businesses? It seems like a good way to track phone leads.
  13. Ranking the long tail keywords first makes it easier to rank the main keyword? I did not realize that was the case.
  14. I cannot see how it would make any sense for Google to change the rank of pages just because the date was changed.
  15. That is a lot higher percentage than I was thinking and way more than I have been doing. What is the benefit of such a high percentage and does your main pages get enough links to rank well?