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  1. Introduction!!

    Hi, Welcome to trafficplanet, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. There are quite a few posts to read in regards to marketing strategies for your online businesses on these forums. I hope you can create a few posts on app development; I have really wanted to get involved with app development but there is so much involved that I have never got started. In your opinion What would be the first step to get started in app development?
  2. Just been reading through this post, and checking out some of the links people have posted. I tried teespring myself with designing the t-shirts, and hoping that people would like them so much that they would buy them but not a single person bought any of my designs. I think the success of your facebook ads will be dependent on two main factors the actual design of the t-shirt, and the traffic you are getting to your t-shirt. It's quite a fine balance, and then you also sell a minimum amount before they start to ship.
  3. Hi, Thank you for posting this great article link, I just had a read and it's very informative. I did not realize that 53% of e-mails are opened on mobiles, and adding images to e-mails to increase click-through-rates where all new concepts to me. There are probably more nuggets of information in the article, which I will need to re-read to get a better understanding. Great stuff!!
  4. Hi vanillablueskyy thank you for the great comment about posting to slideshare. I never thought of making a powerpoint presentation with only half a book, and a link to a landing page to get e-mail subscribers. What kind of results are you seeing using this method? I know that there are slide sites have you been using other sites to test this method too?
  5. What is your best traffic source?

    Some really nice traffic methods mentioned here. They all have there different strengths though. I find creating a Facebook fanpage, and sharing content to my own page generates me some nice traffic. There are also some other ways which give me nice traffic to like: Facebook groups, Google + Communities, YouTube links from description area, pinning my pictures to Pinterest, and Blog commenting. I have not tried the others yet, and would love to experiment with more of these traffic strategies. What traffic method gives you the most traffic?
  6. Hi Ryan, Have just had a read of your post, and it sounds like a really great idea. The use of forum traffic with a specific niche is something that I would really like to try. However I went to the link you posted for inboundwisdom but it's giving me a 404 error. Is this website offline or are you doing some work on the website behind the scenes? Please reply I would really like to read the article.
  7. Some new concepts I found out today by reading this article. I knew about Google alerts but not what to do with the alerts when the come in. The idea of blog commenting or forum posting for targeted traffic is a really good idea. Also another thing I learned today was the feedly website; I have checked it the website, and will signup soon to find out how it actually works.
  8. Thank you changelife for your great post. I did not realize that so much into promoting your content. I thought that if publish your article the people will come but it's not like that at all. You need to Ping, Bookmark, RSS feed, comment, start discussions, and be social. So many steps I didn't know about but thanks to your article I now know how to get my article out there.
  9. Hi Karl, Have checked out your article and you really have some great content in those 5 bullet points. I posted a comment for you which needs approval. I noticed while browsing through the other sections of the website that you only really have 2 articles on your website at the moment. I would definitely be looking at adding more content to drive some SEO traffic to your blog and to keep visitors on your website. Just my 2 cents but thought I would let you know. Kind regards, Gustavo