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  1. Thanks I have started giving this a go and hopefully I will get decent results.
  2. Changing dates on blog posts helps rankings?

    Did you even read the thread? The results of the tests done so far show that the change in traffic is not because of a change in rankings but a change in click through rates so you are arguing against something that the tests in the thread do not say.
  3. How do you come up with the initial price and are you usually close enough that you do not have to renegotiate?
  4. Do you ever have much luck attempting to pay less? I would think site owners would not want to take less money.
  5. On the links that you pay for how do you decide how much to pay?
  6. What is the best Email Marketing tool

    You do not have to use all the features in fact you probably will not do so starting out. Just setup something simple and then use the more involved features later on as you need or want to.
  7. Free Security Scans?

    I had it happen once to my site a few days ago but not since then.
  8. Free Security Scans?

    Definitely going to be using this Thanks
  9. Well not sure it is like Christmas but as important as video is getting the more good info we get on using them the better off we are.
  10. You do not have to install it to rank your site but it will make it easier to do so. On page factors matter and Yoast makes it much easier to get them right
  11. Some more good info from HubSpot as usual. Does anyone have a suggestion from where to get good info on using social media in general and Facebook in particular that they know is good? If you do a search there is a huge amount of info but it is difficult or impossible to tell who is legit before you spend your money.
  12. Hypens matter?? I thought Google ignored them

    That does seem to be the case. I have a couple of domains with hyphens in the domain name and they are still ranking fine.
  13. Do you have a limit on how many long tailed keywords you will target on any one page?
  14. Some good info. Too bad they want $1500 for the whole guide as that puts it out of reach of a lot of people.