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  1. Is this a new domain? Are you sure that it has not been blacklisted by Google?
  2. fashionpolice

    Building PBN Sites?

    Thanks for all the ideas I am definitely going to make sure the quality is good. I do not want to put a bunch of work into them and then have them crash and burn
  3. OK I was not thinking about click through rate and conversions, makes sense though as I had read the same thing about using multiple hyphens in the domain name as well.
  4. fashionpolice

    Building PBN Sites?

    I am starting to put together a small blog network to support my money site. What are the top things I need to do to make it effective and safe? I already know the obvious like separate ownership info and hosting along with quality content.
  5. If you want to widen the keywords you are targeting does the domain name really matter all that much? I would not think that google would care much since the domain does not seem all that important from what I have read.
  6. fashionpolice

    Free or Paid Plugins and Themes for Word Press

    I am using just free ones at this time. At some point I might find I need a paid one but not yet.
  7. That seem like a lot I did not realize there was that much money in the long tails.
  8. Has anyone seen this https://www.uklinkology.co.uk/do-blog-post-dates-have-an-effect-in-seo/ According to their tests changing the dates to more recent ones on their blog posts help their seo and traffic. It does not really seem like it would be that easy.
  9. fashionpolice

    Free Security Scans?

    Nice find and everyone says it is legit. It will let you know if somebody hacks your site and should help visitors feel more secure both of which are positives.
  10. Some good tips and it showed me a few things that I am probably doing incorrectly so I should be able to get better conversions with those changes.
  11. fashionpolice

    A content marketing technique to drive traffic

    As long as there are forums in whatever niche you are promoting they are a great source of traffic.
  12. So you tweak them until you can not see anywhere else to get an improvement at which point you leave them alone except to come back later on to take a look to make sure you are not leaving any money on the table.
  13. You say you should always be testing but certainly at some point you reach a point where spending time on testing something does not give you enough benefit to be worth it.
  14. In one of the comments on the article they say that people tend to think that they have a greater chance to win something of lessor value. If true that could explain the better results with the cupcakes. Even if the chance is the same if people think they have a better chance of winning the cupcakes over the ipad they will be more likely to sign up.
  15. What would you suggest if you plan on starting small and then growing? Would starting with one that works good with few items and then moving to a different platform later on be a good choice?