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  1. Thanks for the links - I'll check these out. I manged to find these guys: https://www.datascraping.co/ There is a Chrome extension and you can manage things in browser and there is also bit of software to download. Their support have said what I want is possible and have offered to do a demo.
  2. Thanks. I was hoping there would be a free tool for this task, such as a scraper add on for Chrome: http://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/scraper/mbigbapnjcgaffohmbkdlecaccepngjd?hl=en
  3. I have a list of URLS which mention a business. I now want to check if each URL has a link to the business. If The URL does not link to the business, I want to contact them to get a link. I want to do this on an ongoing basis. How do I get started with a scraper? M
  4. Hi, This is my first post here, so hello! I hope to be able to learn a lot and to contribute too. I have recently read a little about scrapers and I am wondering if the following is possible: I would like to paste in a list of URLs and have the scraper go to each page and look in the source code for a domain that I ask it to look for. I would then like to have the results in a spreadsheet. The list of URLs would be pages where a certain business is mentioned and where there may/ may not be a link. I can then follow up mentions of a business that may not have a link to see if I can get one. Does anyone know how this could be done using any software? Is it even a scraper that I need? Any help appreciated. M