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  1. Building PBN Sites?

    Yes I do not have very many and it still helps my site.
  2. Very useful info in the article and having good examples helps quite a lot.
  3. For some reason I did not even think about software and service companies running black friday and cyber monday deals. Looks like I missed out on a few good ones. Well there is always next year.
  4. Building PBN Sites?

    You want to make them look as real as possible. If someone from Google visits your site it should look like a real site rather than a site made for links
  5. You would like to think that Google would be able to filter that kind of behavior out but if the past is any indication that is probably not the case.
  6. Well this is a pretty great thread. I never would have thought that changing the date of your posts could in any way bring you more traffic. Definitely going to give this a try.
  7. This looks like a way to get some strong links that will stick which is the best type of links to get. Might take some extra work but I think it would be worth the time.
  8. I always use Wordfence W3 cache social share buttons auto terms privacy policy contact form 7
  9. That and a lot of them are just plain boring. If you want your visitors to watch your videos to the end you can not bore them. I know that some subjects are hard to make exciting but you have to give it a try.
  10. I am using free plugins for most everything with a couple of paid ones. I use a free theme but I did pay someone to modify it some for me.
  11. How or what kind of links do you get to the local network sites that push the local area? Thinking about that I am really at a loss of how I would go about doing that.
  12. That was what I thought would work best but I have seen some people suggesting more than one change at a time.
  13. When you guys do your A/B testing do you usually change just one thing at a time or make multiple changes?
  14. Or you can just give them a chance at cupcakes https://trafficplanet.com/topic/11451-the-greatest-marketing-growth-hack-of-all-time-hint-cupcakes/
  15. SEO and social: 1 + 1 = 3

    So are you actually ranking them or just getting them indexed?