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  1. Any suggestions on which ones would be the best to check out?
  2. From my searching I would say it is still pretty low as I am seeing full results most all of the time. You are correct though that it does not matter much because between the ads, business listings, and other info that Google is adding to the results even the top organic listings take some scrolling to get to.
  3. I had not known of the site either and while there are a lot of wp plugins there is a lot of other useful looking scripts as well for pretty cheap prices. Very cool
  4. It just seems like one of those things that is going to take a lot of work to setup and may or may not be worth doing.
  5. How to fix low open and click rates?

    Thanks that helps quite a bit.
  6. How to fix low open and click rates?

    How do you usually segment your lists? Obviously buyers and not yet buyers and here you say break them down by lead magnet but are there arny other criteria you use?
  7. This is extremely good info thanks.
  8. Still seems like it is too easy but definitely worth trying out.
  9. Do you have social media accounts for all your sites or just some of them?
  10. Thanks I will check them out and see how it goes. I will probably have some questions once I dig into it.
  11. I have not used any paid plugins yet so just free ones on my site so far.
  12. OK thanks Is there a way to do that without really knowing html and building them from scratch?
  13. They talk about lighting in the article and from looking at the diagram I see no real reason you would need any special expensive lights just 3 to make sure you can be seen and standout ok.