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  1. social media and forums give me quite a bit of traffic
  2. These look like they could be useful. The only problem is that Google does always give us good info which can be a problem since you are not sure what to believe.
  3. I use my content on my site, there is no real good reason to improve a social media site when you can improve your own.
  4. Dinithizcr

    The Wordpress Security Thread

    They came back and then disappeared again. I guess he needs to fix them again.
  5. They are running a .88 a year shared hosting special right now. I have no idea how good their hosting is but that is as cheap as cheap can get.
  6. Quite a lot in the video that I had not been thinking about with my linking. Hopefully it will improve my results.
  7. Very cool info definitely going to test this out on a couple of my sites and see what results I get.
  8. Good share on the tools a bunch were new to me. Matt has a pretty good site never been to it before and there seems to be quite a bit of useful info on it. I joined his mailing list which I do not do all that much so I guess I will see what the spam level is going to be.
  9. It seems that in Google's eyes any information collected is considered important. Do you allow comments on your site? If so then you have fields to collect a name and address and that is going to be enough to trigger the warning. How about a contact us page? From the sounds of it if you have ANY FORMS AT ALL on your site you need to have an SSL certificate and use https
  10. In my opinion Manage WP is the best choice. Been using it for a long time now and it works great.
  11. Ranking for images will probably help generate traffic for most types of sites. Some more than others but most everyone should get some kind of traffic bump.
  12. Dinithizcr

    Your favorite Social Network

    Facebook groups, Pinterest, and Instagram work well for me.
  13. I am not seeing anything either and I have a couple of sites heavily using PBN links .