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  1. That is actually a good format. Short and to the point on just one topic it lets you get the info without wading through stuff you do not really need to know.
  2. Did anyone see any big changes? I did not really see anything significant on my sites.
  3. High PR Social Bookmarking Lists

    Cool that was pretty much what I was thinking.
  4. Free Security Scans?

    Very cool looks useful thanks for sharing.
  5. High PR Social Bookmarking Lists

    Do these types of links even help your site rank anymore?
  6. This is probably one of the biggest dangers in working for ourselves rather than having a "job". You have to learn to make the best decisions on how to best spend your time and it is a continual learning process with lots of mistakes.
  7. Tiered Linkbuilding Experiment

    Thanks that makes a lot of sense.
  8. So far I have only been using free plugins.
  9. I can see where that would be a hard conversation. Getting the client to agree to something small first and then building on that does seem to be a good way to go.
  10. Tiered Linkbuilding Experiment

    This thread is from 3 years ago. Does tiered link building still work?
  11. It is a pretty interesting result. I have to agree that if she had included some long term results it would have made for a better article. She obviously has the info and I find it odd that she would not include it.
  12. Nice share I like to see articles that have a lot of data to back up what they are saying. It gives you a lot of confidence that the author knows the subject and has the correct conclusions.
  13. 17 Untapped Backlink Sources

    There are some really good link ideas in both the OP and in the rest of the thread. This should be a sticky
  14. Your favorite Social Network

    Facebook I use both pages and groups
  15. I have been using cms commander, not the cheapest choice but I like the extra features.