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  1. If you still need some guest posts let me know.
  2. Good idea and probably something I should be doing anyway. I will definitely be setting that up.
  3. Is that likely to happen I can not remember having an update breaking my site.
  4. What do you have against automatic updates? Seems like it is just one less thing to worry about.
  5. That does bring the cost way down and makes a better case for being a member.
  6. Good article are you a member and if so is it worth it?
  7. Free Security Scans?

    I signed up about 3 weeks ago and have been getting any error messages. I wonder what the difference is?
  8. Well that sucks as it does not help you going forward. Not a good thing when you are not able to figure out what went wrong so you can keep it from happening in the future.
  9. Did you do anything different when you set the groups up or is there some other difference that made the outcomes the opposite of each other?
  10. To come anywhere near judging quality grammar and spelling is going to have to be taken into account at some level. The only other thing to judge would be how accurate the content is as far as facts go and that is going to be hard for the algorithms to judge. It really would be nice if we knew exactly how google is judging the content but that is obviously not something they are ever going to share.
  11. Do youtube ads even work very well? I can not imagine the all that many people click on them. It seems like it would be hard to get traction from them as most everyone is focused on the videos.
  12. Have you seen any differences with the new ones like you did with the .info domains?