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  1. Those are some good threads thanks for the heads up on them
  2. Is the click to call button showing up correctly on the site and Google Business listing? From what I have read google is adding the buttons automatically to local businesses in the mobile results.
  3. Has anyone seen this? Not sure what to think. https://www.seroundtable.com/google-all-guest-posts-nofollow-24965.html
  4. There are quite a few of them where you either need a site making a lot of money or a lot of sites to make them worth having.
  5. TheTechDude

    Google increasing snippets length

    Thanks dude looks good
  6. TheTechDude

    What is the best landing page builder?

    You might want to check out convertize.io they do have a free plan plus a free trial as well.
  7. TheTechDude

    Google increasing snippets length

    So the question is how do we optimize for this the get the best advantage?
  8. I see that a lot and it often makes pages really confusing. You have to wonder how the site owners think it is a good idea to add so much to a page that visitors get there and have no idea what to do.
  9. These look like good choices
  10. Interesting expirements for the examples. I like to see sound info on marketing that is backed up by data, you see way too much info without it.
  11. .Mostly images but I have been working more videos into my marketing recently. They seem to be helping but I do not have enough info yet to say that the videos increase sales enough to be worth the extra time.
  12. This article says that by 2020 50% of all searches will be voice searches https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/just-say-it-future-search-voice-personal-digital-assistants/1392459
  13. No problem dude glad I could help.