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  1. Pretty sure I read somewhere that FF is already planning on doing so
  2. how to get second facebook account

    Cool I never really thought of doing that.
  3. how to get second facebook account

    Thanks for all the good info. On using multiple browsers how does that help your productivity?
  4. Changing dates on blog posts helps rankings?

    Sounds like a good plan though I do not have a lot of sites. I am going to test it after I figure out why my site seems to be sliding down the rankings recently
  5. Changing dates on blog posts helps rankings?

    This looks to be some good info in this test. what would be the best way to extend the test for more of the same?
  6. Do backlinks lose power over time?

    Thanks for all the input guys. I will dig deeper into my links and see what I can find.
  7. I have a site that was ranking fine for months but recently has been sliding down. I have built some new links since it made it to the top of the rankings but not very many compared to how many I used to get it to rank in the first place. I was wondering if the old links which are still there are worth less than they used to be and that is why I am not ranking as well.
  8. I was not aware of that. Not that I do a lot with youtube but even so you would think that is something that would be obvious.
  9. Lots of free stuff is good and it is especially good when it is useful.
  10. Alternative Ad Network

    Lets us know how it goes
  11. Free or Paid Plugins and Themes for Word Press

    I use mostly free but I have picked up a couple of paid ones over on code canyon when I could not find a free one to do something specific. There are quite a few good ones over there and most are in the $8-$15 range so not very expensive.
  12. I guess we do have to assume that the Google engineers are at least as smart as us so if we can think of it they should be able to do so as well. What do you do about site ownership? It seem like having an anonymous ownership is a bit of a foot print.
  13. Interesting I would not have thought about doing that. I can see how having ads on the sites would make them look more real but do you think that Google keeps track of all the affiliate numbers to see if the sites are owned by the same person or not?
  14. If a plugin or theme is not being updated that means they are not staying on top of any security issues so yes it can lead to your site being hacked.