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  1. hirensurve

    Best Online Tool To Test On-page SEO Of Website?

    Semrush is a great tool, though it is paid but give you proper analytics of keywords, website and backlinks performances. You can also create project by adding your competitors and work on semantic ideas on your content and improve your ranking on search engines.
  2. Most of your suggestion are great. Mostly now a days. Some of the content writers are writing for search engines, so the content does not looks engaging for reading understanding the products. But even companies are gone more focused. My client asks me to like the content as a audience. More on short content is working now days great for conversions.
  3. Yes, It is working now. I have submitted my website for index. Google keeps on adding additional features which makes life easier. Previously, we need to login to search console and submit website to index. Now this is shortcut method.
  4. Hi All, We launched our new website recently. We had high traffic dropped from organic. It was shocking moment for us as we launched this website with positive which would convert. So what was the reason in huge drop in traffic? We ran a SEO audit and found most of our page backlinks were not properly linking to current web pages. As we changed our website url completely from older website url. We fixed this using url redirects in htaccess file. Another issues were we had fresh content. So all the old content were gone. Positive side? We got a huge boost on website from mobile users. As our current website is fully responsive. Lower bounce rate from previous 65% to current 40%. Average time on website is increased from previous 2 minutes to current 4 minutes. We are now focusing on getting great whitehats backlinks for our ranking pages. So what you think how much time it will take to again rank our keywords? All of those keywords are heart of our business. Such as captive portal, pcrf, hss, service enabler etc.
  5. Yes site speed is very important now. Because most of the visitors will leave your blog or website if it is very slow. Also you will get higher bounce back rates. I'm planning to move to WPX hosting next year. As some of my blog needs healthy server environment.
  6. I'm impress by your earnings. I never thought we can money from instagram. I have read your pdf and you have mention all your secrets in the pdf. Well with me, I'm planning to use this strategies now. So i can earn good money from it. Great job man!
  7. If you want to earn good money from affiliate marketing. This is the right time as black Friday discounts sales are booming now. You can plan for siteground and bluehost for affiliate marketing. As they pay great commission on the sales. Also amazon is right affiliates. If you promote affiliate products well, you can earn great. Write content on black friday sales and have affiliate links in the content. You need to explain how product are far best than other products. Also you need to have good traffic on your blog. A/B Split testing will also help to fix your affiliate banner best spots.
  8. hirensurve

    Best Hosting for WordPress site.

    If you are planning for long term solutions. Do not go for any cheap wordpress hosting. I had my friend who was on wordpress shared hosting from siteground. Everything was working fine but as soon as he started getting around 20,000 visitors per day he got lot of trouble on his blog speed and server was not able to handle is traffic. So he moved on to WPX hosting and now his blog is one of the top blog in India. BTW his name is Ankit Singla. So always plan for the best hosting.
  9. If you opt for cheap freelance writers you won't get the quality which converts. My friends tried fiverr, upwork etc website. Finally when he realize he was wasting his time on freelance portal by hiring different freelancers. He just started to find contacts from other sources. Finally the solutions was: Linkedin He contacted many professional and finally he found good writer which suits his niche. So he was not wasting his valuable times and other processing fees. He have a 2 content writers who works for him for the past 3 years and he is happy with them. So i would suggest everyone to use linkedin to find great talents for content writing, graphic design, video editing etc.
  10. hirensurve

    My SEO Experiment

    Keywords in domain does not matters now in 2016. Content is king, so most important thing is writing engaging content which is approximately 1000 to 1500 words. Work on white hat techniques for getting good backlinks. Work on keywords research and find longtail keywords for all your post. Also designing cool infographics will help you to go your content viral.