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  1. What is your best traffic source?

    If not counting Google or social media, I'll have to say email outreach. It takes work but it pays off.
  2. Are you talking about syndication? If so, you CAN do it on various platforms, but it would be wise to modify the post before you post it on a particular social site. For instance, if you wanted to write a post on LinkedIn, it's wise to NOT make it the same as your regular post. Instead, you can take a portion of your post and expand on that. Or, if you don't want to do that,. post the same post but create a completely different intro and outro.
  3. Your favorite Social Network

    Facebook has been my main one in terms of social networks. I'm really trying to build relationships on Linked in though because I think that has A LOT of potential.
  4. On a previous site I operated, I was able to get traffic from Reddit once before. The only problem was, it wasn't targeted. It drove a lot of traffic, but people barely stayed on the post for 20 seconds. So, while it's great for getting traffic on a blog, I think it depends on the niche for it to be worth your wild.
  5. How to find good writers?

    I would say try to look at writers in Colleges and Universities. Either those looking to be a writer professionally or really into marketing. Usually you can get them for a decent price and they may be more talented of a writer than those on Fiverr or places like that. I've been lucky to find a few with that method after having horrible luck on Fiverr.