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  1. Anyone using Quora for traffic?

    Getting in early does make a big difference in the up votes as long as you are giving good answers. I was having so so luck but when I started getting in answers in quickly it made a difference
  2. I have a question?

    No it is going to make little or no difference.
  3. Very cool find definitely going to be able to use a couple of these.
  4. That is all the info you need about AMP and then some. Definitely a page to book mark
  5. Fake followers are not going to make you any money.
  6. Most social media posts get their own url separate from the account url so that should not be barrier.
  7. If you have a large number of pages on your site it seems like it would be a bit harder to fix than the article says. Especially if your site is targeted on a fairly narrow niche. Hard to balance more content and not have your pages fighting each other for keywords.
  8. Some good info I need to look at how I am doing with my current selling.
  9. Some good ideas the in the article. I have just started trying to build a list and some of them should be very helpful.
  10. So Google is going to start removing content from the index that is "bad"? While of course they can do that it seems questionable to me since the definition of "bad" can be fluid depending on who is doing the judging. I can more see it on Adsense since a lot of companies probably do not want their ads next to that kind of content but removing it from the index does not seem like a good idea.
  11. Even at that low of a percentage it still is worth doing?
  12. I have been setting up some rss feeds for internet marketing sites that I think will be helpful and a lot of them do not have a feed available. What do you do with those? Do you sign up for their list or just skip them altogether?
  13. I have seen a couple of threads on influencer marketing here is the forum but is anyone actually using it to promote their site?
  14. Blog Posts not getting Indexed

    Do you do anything other than link building to "give google a reason" or is that enough?
  15. Same question. No sense in getting traffic to my site if it is not going to convert. Thanks I will check it out.